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5 Wonderful Reasons To Explore Dating After 60

By Sixty and Me January 22, 2019 Dating

Dating for older women can be more exciting than you might think! As women, we often get caught up overthinking potential outcomes instead of just biting the bullet and taking the plunge. If you are looking to be inspired to put yourself out there and have a go at dating over 60, you’ll love today’s video with Lisa Copeland!

In today’s uplifting Sixty and Me video, Margaret Manning interviews dating coach Lisa Copeland to discuss some wonderful reasons we should all believe in senior dating.

A New Companion

It might not be something we readily admit to, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a man around! Even after disastrous relationships resulting in divorce, or the loss of great love, we naturally hold out hope that the next time will be better.

Humans crave and enjoy companionship, and a romantic relationship is one of the closest forms of friendship you will have in your life. As women, we feel the need to constantly be strong whether at work or at home and sometimes it’s nice to be able to switch gears and have a man make you feel safe, protected, and provided for!

Magnificent Male Energy

We all love participating in activities with our girlfriends, but there’s something decidedly different about spending time with a man. Even though we can do something like go to the movies with a girlfriend, sometimes it’s just nice to have dates!

When we’re with our girlfriends, the topic of conversation can often turn to makeup, hairstyles or “feminine things” in general. When you spend time with a man, you often find yourself deliberately avoiding personal subjects, steering toward a broader range of topics that you might usually talk about with female acquaintances.

Whether your male companion is a friend or lover, it’s nice to be with someone new on a Saturday night or even vacations!

Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself When Dating Over 60

Many of us have preconceived notions about what the road a relationship is supposed to take. When dating after 60, we need to remember a relationship no longer revolves around building a family or raising children.

As Lisa says in today’s Sixty and Me video, “Men don’t have to fit in your life in a one-package-fits-all approach.” Dating for mature women can mean you can have a friend-with-benefits, lover, marriage, or friendship – it really doesn’t need to be defined as clearly as we might assume. The relationship needs merely to work for your needs and lifestyle.

However, for independent women, the thought of being in a new relationship can invoke feelings of apprehension and concern over losing hard-fought independence.

Opportunity For New Experiences

One of the best things about life for older women is finally having the time to seek out new experiences. Having the time is one thing, but we don’t always have the money to do everything we want!

Sometimes your girlfriends are too busy or disinterested in coming along on a travel tour or cruise. If you have a male friend or lover, you might just find he will be interested in coming along instead. As Margaret points out in today’s Sixty and Me video, having someone with the same interests can mean reducing the costs of traveling by not having to pay the single supplement.

Another bonus is being able to travel to places you might not feel comfortable going to as a single woman. If you prefer an independent style of travel, having a male companion traveling with you might make you feel safe and protected in far-flung, exciting parts of our beautiful world!

Life Is Short!

The most important thing to keep in mind about dating for older women is that quite simply, life is short. It’s important to take advantage of every decade of your life, and seek out experiences and relationships that are rewarding for you – if you want to.

You don’t HAVE to date if you don’t want to – if you are happier in your own company that’s absolutely fine! If you do feel like you need someone in your life that shares your interests, respects you, and also enjoys your company – go for it! As Lisa says, “It’s nice to say goodnight to someone.” So if you feel you want that for yourself, don’t keep putting it off or limiting yourself – take the plunge!

What do you love about dating over 60? Do you think all relationships should look the same? Where have you met someone special when dating as an older woman? Join the conversation!

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