For years, I searched for the perfect place to find fashionable glasses for older women. No matter where I looked, something was always wrong. Either the styles were old-fashioned and boring or the selection was poor.

In frustration, I turned to the women in the Sixty and Me community to get their advice. I’d like to tell you some of their favorite places to buy glasses for women our age.

Glasses for Older Women Aren’t What they Used to Be

There’s an old saying, “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” How ridiculous, by the way – many of the most attractive and stylish women I’ve ever known in my life have worn glasses. And lots of men prefer women who wear glasses – but that’s another story.

The truth is, wearing glasses has become more of a fashion statement than ever before. For women over 60, this is good news – since less-than-perfect eyesight affects many people our age, it’s wonderful to be able to find eyeglass frames for women that reflect our personality and sense of style.

And fortunately, eyewear designers seem to be catching on to the fact that women our age are definitely still interested in fashion and style – there is a wide range of fashionable glasses for women, if you know where to look. Stylish glasses for women are a great way to express your individuality and sensuality – eyeglasses can be a sexy fashion statement.

Here are a few ideas on where to find the best, most stylish eyeglass frames for women:


LensCrafters offers a variety of discounts on new eyeglass frames, including a senior discount for AARP members. You can get an eye exam from an independent doctor of optometry near each LensCrafters store, and LensCrafters also offers a 90-day Unconditional Guarantee to give you a full refund on your new eyewear in case you are not completely satisfied.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a unique online store to shop for new stylish glasses for women – they sell really creative designs which also tend to be more affordable than most boutique-style eyewear, with prices starting at $95. Are you worried about buying glasses online? No problem – Warby Parker makes it easy to “try before you buy” – they’ll send you up to five pairs of eyeglasses to try on at home, or you can take a photo of your face, upload it to the website, and see how your choice of glasses will look on your face.

Warby Parker also has a philanthropic mission – for every pair of eyeglasses that they sell, they donate a pair of eyeglasses to poor people throughout the world who cannot afford their own glasses. Warby Parker makes for a great story – you get a wonderfully stylish pair of glasses, while also contributing to a charitable cause.

Boomer Eyewear

Boomer Eyewear is another online site that offers designer glasses frames in updated and retro styles, as well as simpler reading glasses or lower-cost eyeglasses. Buy online and take the frames to your optician to get fitted with your prescription lenses – but check first, as some frames are too fragile for a lens to be changed.

There is a wide variety of eyewear designs available on this site, and all orders within the U.S. ship for only $5.99 – this is cheap shipping, compared to what many websites charge to ship items to your house.


Your local eye doctor might have a great selection of fashionable glasses, but the prices are often higher than what you can find online. However, if you can find a one-of-a-kind pair of stylish eyeglasses, maybe it’s worth spending a bit extra. Plus you get the reassurance of having the glasses fitted directly for your face, right there in the shop.


Again, there are often some incredibly cute and stylish eyeglass designs on sale at small boutique shops, But the prices are often higher than you can find online. It’s all a matter of balancing your budget with your personal sense of style. When you think about how many years you’re going to wear those glasses, perhaps it’s worth splurging on a truly unique look.

Thrift Stores

If you want a trip down memory lane, you can often find some wonderful vintage eyewear designs at thrift stores or consignment shops – just buy the frames (often for a cheap price), and then have the lenses replaced with your own prescription. But again, be careful – old glasses frames cannot always withstand having new lenses inserted.

Where do you think are the best places to find fashionable glasses for older women? Where did you buy your last pair of glasses? Please join the conversation.

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