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60 and the Seasons of Life

By Robin Griffiths September 24, 2018 Mindset

There have been many articles, quotes and poems written about the seasons of life. Beginning with spring through summer, into autumn and finally winter, the comparisons can be a plethora of ideas regarding change through time.

So, what happens once you have reached the age of 60 and perhaps looked upon it as beginning the winter of your life?

This question is of importance because it can reflect on your attitude and how you will handle the next phase of your existence. What do we have to look forward to as we supposedly enter the winter of life?

This is a time of life we begin to make many changes and sometimes change does not come easily. I would have you think about looking at the seasons of life again, but through new and different eyes, as you begin your journey.

Here are a few thoughts to help you create new ways of looking at your future spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Spring is the season of renewal. New life begins to emerge with the buds of new growth. Just like Mother Nature, you are looking at new and different ways of handling your life.

You may be at the start of many life changes. Perhaps you are retiring, downsizing or looking at health issues. This is an opportunity to examine new beginnings and setting your attitude to what you want to create for yourself.

This idea may be easier expressed than done. Starting new ways of life and changing habits can be difficult at best. So, be prepared by looking at all your choices, and don’t be afraid to try new options or change your mind. This is the beginning of your journey.


As summer comes with its warm weather and sunshine, the air is full of outdoor fun. This is a time when changes have already been made, and you are feeling more comfortable with the journey.

You have been exploring new things, places, people, ideas, and your comfort zone is coming back to you. You may find the process of change is no longer taxing or hard, but even fun. You have learned many lessons along the way and are feeling like a new person.


The weather is cooling, and the foliage is changing. This is the time when many farming crops are harvested, and nature is preparing the earth for the winter months.

This is the time to slow down, look back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Congratulate yourself on the changes you have made. Appreciate the adventures and relationships you have created.


Mother Nature can bring harsh weather during the winter months. The ground is cold, and days are short. Many animals go into hibernation, and the snow and ice will help replenish the earth once it melts.

This can be your time to examine what you have accomplished. How do you feel about yourself and what has worked from the changes you have made? What would you like or need to let go of?

This can be a time of reflection and new planning. Look forward to what you can continue to change and grow within your life.

I am sure you now realize the seasons of life are continual, just like Mother Nature intended. We repeat them, and it’s our opportunity to make change and find what is beneficial for our needs. Look at how you can take your seasons to a new level and carve out the future you dream and want.

What do you see in the seasons of your life? Do you feel you can set a path for change, comfort, reflection and planning? Please join the conversation below.

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The Author

Robin Anne Griffiths has spent a lifetime working in the media field. She is a published author and a certified master development coach. As an ACE personal trainer and movement instructor for senior populations, Robin works with groups and individuals on life transitions for self-improvement and to create personal balance, physically and mentally. You can reach her on her website at

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