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The Hardest Part of Downsizing: Letting Go of Treasured Things Accumulated Over a Lifetime

By Sara Hart August 06, 2022

The question I hear most often when I’m talking with people who are in the middle of a major downsizing or are getting ready to downsize is, “How can I get rid of things that are very, very important to me?”

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Downsizing Your Home After 60: Don’t Let Change Keep You from Living the Life You Want

By Sara Hart August 03, 2022

Everyone resists change… Change is very hard… Real change takes a long time… We hear things like these all the time. Are they true? Well, maybe and maybe not. Like lots of things, “It depends.” There are some big changes…

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Downsizing Your Home as a 60+ Woman: Facing the Discomfort of Uncertainty

By Sara Hart July 16, 2022

The only thing in life that’s certain is death. Everything else is to the contrary. Now that’s not very comfortable for most of us. We tend to be most comfortable living with the illusion of certainty. I think one of the things that makes…

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Downsizing Benefits for the 60-Something Woman: Are You Ready to Explore Them?

By Michele Meier Vosberg May 27, 2022

Downsizing, whether by choice or necessity, is a common occurrence for people in mid-life and beyond. Many people feel the urge to live more simply and care for less. Others no longer need the big houses where they once raised families…

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What I Learned About Downsizing and Condo Living – The Inside Scoop

By Pat Skene April 15, 2022

I realized early in the process that downsizing from my big-ass house and moving to a condo wasn’t going to be easy. Although it was the right decision at the time, I was overwhelmed by the jaw-clenching enormity of the job. So I did the only sensible…

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How to Become a Guru in Downsizing Your 6+ Decades’ Worth of Photos

By Peter Bennett April 05, 2022

A friend of mine used to say, “Why do today what can easily be put off until tomorrow?” Downsizing a substantial photo collection can definitely be one of those things that can easily get started tomorrow, or the day after…

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Downsizing After Retirement: House, Apartment or Retirement Community?

By Aleksandra Marcotte February 22, 2022

So now you’re retired: Kids are out of the house. Alarm clocks are quiet. Schedule is free. You might be walking around your home thinking, “Gosh, we have a lot of space.” Retirement is a new chapter in life, and many see it as a chance to try something…

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Is It Downsizing or Tossing Out Tender Memories?

By Howard Fishman February 08, 2022

I was a clever gatherer of things. Mostly paper. In neat piles. Inside of drawers. Resting innocuously on shelves. Tucked into boxes that lurked in the shadowy recesses of my garage…

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How I Went from Downsizing to Minimalism

By Lynn Clare November 24, 2021

I began my downsizing journey many years ago. I found that it is more of an ongoing process than an event. Even though there were many events within the process, it was always focused around the removal of things. All of those cherished possessions…

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How to Know If Downsizing Is the Right Thing to Do

By Jennifer Thompson November 01, 2021

Richard and Jane Brown sold their four-bedroom home in the suburbs. And moved into a new two-bedroom condominium. In their 60s and still active, they chose this condominium for its amenities. It was two blocks from the ocean…

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