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Anna Lamnari, MD is an internist, geriatrician and integrative medicine practitioner with over 20 years of clinical experience. She is passionate about healthy, vibrant aging and natural ways to improve memory. Follow her at her website, Aging Like a Boss, and on her Facebook page.

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9 months ago

The Spice of Life: The Health Benefits of Turmeric for Women Over 60

What’s not to love about the deep golden coloring of dishes spiced with turmeric? It certainly enhances the appearance of our curries, stews and soups. But more importantly, it brings about several health benefits…

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1 year ago

Can Good Balance Prolong Your Life After 60?

For the last half year, when walking from the parking lot to my office building, I would hop on a curb alongside a lawn and walk it as if it were a balance beam. It does look weird and gets me a fair share of puzzled glances…

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3 years ago

The Pro-Aging Health Benefits of Cocoa and Chocolate

How often do healthy foods actually taste good? The answer for me sits somewhere between “not often” and “never.” And then, there is cocoa. Not only is it delicious, cocoa is also packed with anti-aging goodness. No wonder that it has been named…

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3 years ago

Melatonin and Aging: How It Can Help with Memory and Longevity

What is aging? Volumes have been written on the subject, but our understanding of it, while constantly growing, is still hazy. However, if pressed to summarize the underlying process on the level of the cell, scientists would agree that many…

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5 years ago

Stomach for Brains! How Probiotics Can Help You with Your Memory

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the many benefits of probiotics. They are good for just about everything – from your sinusitis to irritable bowel. But, did you know they could be beneficial for your memory? Read More

6 years ago

Healthy Brain Mystery: Is Canola Oil Bad for My Memory?

You might have seen the recent headlines about canola oil not being good for your memory and weight. Read More