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Anne Crowther is a former journalist and corporate PR professional. After leaving a major blue-chip company, she set up her own small business helping companies with their PR, marketing and social media presence. Now semi-retired, she blogs about travels and personal fashion styles through the Sensational Baby Boomer website

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3 weeks ago

6 Reasons You Really Are Awesome in Your 60s

We are awesome! I have been thinking back through the events of my own life-time and checking out with others just what we 60-somethings have been through in our lives. I can honestly say that we are truly amazing!

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8 months ago

Would You Set Up a New Business in Your 60s?

Our parents were usually ready for retirement as they reached their 60s. Our generation, however, seems intent on living life to the fullest – and even setting up new business ventures! Those of us who have done exactly…

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10 months ago

How to Help Your Marriage Survive Through to Retirement

You’ve probably read professional relationship advice about how to survive with your partner into retirement. That always comes with lots of practical instructions about working together and enjoying each other’s company. It all sounds a bit twee…

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1 year ago

Is Christmas Really the Happiest Time of the Year?

I love Christmas! Mostly for the fact that it means a rest from the daily grind, a chance to have at least one day eating what I want, and best of all, spending it with people I love. That said, Christmas is a lot of very hard work. I always start my Christmas…

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2 years ago

Budget Over 50 Style Finds from Around the World

Hello, my name is Anne and I am a compulsive shopper! I always come home from my travels with something new – whether it be clothes, jewellery, shoes or handbags. The latter is my absolute weakness. I write about travel, clothes and style…

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3 years ago

Were They Really the “Good Old Days”?

My mother never made it to 60, sadly passing away just two weeks after her 59th birthday. At 21, however, I viewed her as an old lady. Jump forward 44 years. As I approach my 65th birthday, times for us seniors have certainly changed…

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4 years ago

I’ve Kept My Hair Loss a Secret for Too Long… Why I’m Ready to Talk About it Now

I’ve thought long and hard about writing this post. I figure some things are best kept private – in an era where it is the norm to over-share personal information, I have always believed that you have the right to maintain some privacy. Read More

5 years ago

6 Ways to Keep Yourself Occupied During Lonely Moments in Your 60s

Much has been written about loneliness in recent months – and not just about the elderly who find themselves alone in later life. Read More

5 years ago

What Does it Really Mean to be in the “Sandwich Generation”

Are we the generation which had it all?

The bra-burning brigade of the 1960s led us to believe we could have everything we wanted – a fabulous job, a happy family, a beautiful home, leisure time by the bucket-load because of all the labour-saving gadgets, good health, cars, holidays – you name it, it was ours for the taking. Read More

6 years ago

Do You Worry More Now that You Are in Your 60s?

I read recently that one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s is raised levels of anxiety. After a particularly stressful month, it started to resonate with me.

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