Christine Field is an author, attorney, speaker, listener and life coach. She has four grown kids, mostly adopted, mostly homeschooled. She provides MomSolved© resources and reassurances to moms facing common and uncommon family life challenges. Christine helps moms rediscover their mojo for wholehearted living after parenting. Visit her website here

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3 years ago

3 Reasons Why Freedom is the Gift of Getting Older

When I was growing up in the 1960s, we were taught to never trust anyone over 30. That works great when you are 19, 20 and 21. When you approach 31, 40, 50, 60 and beyond, you may want to modify that stance. Read More

3 years ago

5 Things That Could Be Stopping You from Living Life to the Fullest in the Years After 60

Are you in your retirement or empty-nest years, wondering what a happy, full life looks like from this point on? Read More

3 years ago

Want to Live Life to the Fullest? Look Inside!

What do you do on a daily basis, with living a full life in mind? If you’re struggling to think of anything, that’s okay, you’re not alone. Read More

3 years ago

Returning to Your Career in Your 50s and 60s – the Good and the Bad Exposed!

When I was younger and had children arriving about every two years, I left my career. Because I’m a lawyer, I referred to it as laying down the law. I even wrote a book about it called Coming Home to Raise Your Children…

Read More
4 years ago

4 Ways to Rediscover Who You Really Are in Your 60s

Do you ever yearn to go back to the good old days when your kids were small, and you were busy, busy, busy helping them grow and enrich their lives? Unfortunately, that is not an option. Time, and children, march on. Read More

4 years ago

Looking Forward to Life After Children and Rediscovering Yourself

Like many moms, I gave my all to mothering.

All my energy and creativity. Mothering grew and shaped me in ways I could not have imagined. But time, toddlers and teens have marched on. The days of up-to-my-elbows mothering have drawn to a close. Read More

4 years ago

3 Ways to Keep Having Fun in Your 60s

Are You Havin’ Any Fun? is an old song with lyrics by Jack Yellen and music by Sammy Fain. It goes something like this: Read More

4 years ago

Are You Looking Back or Living Forward in Your 60s?

Conflict is a part of life. Few of us live without it. But what if conflicts from your past are interfering with your moving forward?

Conflict is never an easy thing to deal with, but old, deeply rooted disagreements can really affect your body, mind and spirit. Read More

4 years ago

A Compassionate Christmas from One Generation to the Next

Do you want Christmas to be more than the dazzle of gifts and tinsel, either for yourself, or your child or grandchild? Read More

6 years ago

Parenting Adult Children: 3 Decisions to Help Guide Your Conversations

When your child was three years old, you had one way to communicate. Due to their immaturity, chances are you were more directive and direct with them. “Don’t touch the hot stove!” or “Let’s go use the potty!” These were the ways we communicated based on the needs of the moment. Read More