Native Floridian Cindy Roe Littlejohn blogs at the Old Age Is Not For Sissies, where life is good and every day is an adventure. At 62 she is healthy, married, a mother to three, and grandmother of six. She is an author and writer, a tree farmer, and a retired lobbyist. She loves to travel on old trails, garden, do genealogy, spend time in the outdoors, and spend time with her family. You can reach her at

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10 months ago

Understanding and Dealing with Frailty at Any Age

The number one reason seniors seek medical health care is frailty, which is a very general term. In this first article we’ll look at the definition of frailty, how it affects us as we age and one important symptom we should look out for…

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11 months ago

A Sedentary Lifestyle Killed My Mom. Don’t Let This Happen to You!

Around her mid-60s, Mama decided that she had worked enough and she completely stopped. She embraced a sedentary lifestyle and spent the long days watching TV from her recliner or sleeping in her bed. This was not the mama…

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12 months ago

Good Old-Fashioned Play is Still Important for Our Modern Grandkids

Did you know that the amount of time that today’s children spend playing is far less than the amount of time we spent playing? How can that be with all the overwhelmed young mothers who seem to spend their time running their children…

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2 years ago

How to Measure Frailty and Its Impact on Our Older Bodies

In a previous article, we discussed the definition of frailty, how it affects us as we age and the very important symptom of muscle mass loss. Here, we’ll talk about muscle mass, what to look for, and how to reverse its loss. We will also discuss…

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2 years ago

When Should You See Your Doctor for Memory Loss?

My husband has memory loss. It is more advanced lately, so we finally went to see a neurologist. It started out with memory lapses. Sometimes, Chuck asked the same question like “Where is the rake?” It would be where it always was, but I would tell him anyway…

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3 years ago

Confessions of a Woman Who Secretly Wears Hearing Aids

Not many people know it (and now everyone will), but I occasionally wear hearing aids. Not for everyday use, but for when I am in a crowded situation where people have to talk and listen to each other. Read More

5 years ago

Healthy Aging: Muscle Mass and Its Relationship to Frailty

This article complements a previous one I recently wrote where we discussed the definition of frailty, how it affects us as we age and the very important symptom of muscle mass loss…

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7 years ago

Dealing with the Five Stages of Grief (Plus One You Might Not Expect)

We sixty somethings are at a time in our lives when we experience loss and grief. Many of us have lost our parents, but I just experienced a loss that I’ve never experienced before – the loss of a sibling. Last month was my sister Pam’s birthday, and she would have been 60 years old. I’ve missed her a lot lately because it’s hard to move on as if nothing has changed. In fact, it seems disrespectful…

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