Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D. is a former Harvard science professor. He still publishes and helps others write and publish their books, via Douglas's life's central theme has been a half-century romance with his wife Tina Su Cooper, now quadriplegic due to multiple sclerosis, who receives 24/7 nursing care at home. Visit his website here

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1 month ago

The Art of War: Advice for Older Women in Business

“Business is war.” So says Kevin O’Leary, billionaire businessman and regular participant in the wildly successful U.S. TV program Shark Tank. About 25 hundred years ago, the Chinese sage Sun Tzu (pronounced “SUN Zuh”) wrote a classic military text…

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8 months ago

6 Keys to Being Creative at Any Age

We would all like to be creative. Perhaps it is not so hard. “Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people,” noted the late Leo Burnett, outstanding advertising executive. If so, then by encouraging…

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10 months ago

Thinking About Getting Married After 60? I Have Good News and Bad News

Over 50 and unmarried? You might be divorced, widowed, or perhaps never married. You likely at least have given marriage some serious thought. But… don’t most of them fail? Not so. You may have read that about half of marriages…

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11 months ago

Trying to Save Money for Retirement? Understand the Tricks Advertisers Use

Boomers are bombarded daily with advertising messages that attempt to influence us. Recognizing some of their tactics can make us less susceptible. It is rare that someone in the business world describes these tactics in detail…

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12 months ago

11 Essential Things to Consider Before Starting a Business in Your 60s

Many people hope to own their own business, but very few do. In addition, women around the world are hesitant to become entrepreneurs because they feel they lack confidence and resources. A successful European…

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1 year ago

7 Habits to Help You Live Long and Prosper Into Your 80s and 90s

Do you want to live to be 98? My mother lived that long. She enjoyed almost all but her last year. Do you think you’d still enjoy life into your 90s? Read More

1 year ago

The Quiet Power of Being an Introvert After 60

Must you be pushy to succeed as a woman over 60?

Books and articles on becoming successful often emphasize personality over character. They urge natural introverts to become more like extroverts. Au contraire! Read More

1 year ago

Why the Search for Perfection After 60 Is the Enemy of Getting Things Done

You are often faced with deciding whether what you’ve got is good enough.

Does nothing less than perfection satisfy you? Do you only give yourself permission to act when all the stars are aligned? This could be in business, romance, shopping, home selection or education. Read More

1 year ago

Feeling Lost in Your 60s? This 10-Step Survival Guide Can Help

Separations, divorces, deaths in the family, economic hardships, illnesses. Many of our Sixty and Me community have made it through difficult times. We are survivors. We have learned from our experiences and from the experiences of others. Read More

1 year ago

How to Develop Creative Ideas and Get More from Life After 60

Creativity can be the key to a fuller, more enjoyable life. Fundamentally, creativity is the ability to use the imagination to come up with original ideas. Many people think that the aging brain loses its ability to think creatively. Read More