After taking early retirement as a policy officer, Stephanie Cunningham moved to Australia and earned general and specialized certifications to teach senior yoga. She taught classes for 10 years, then started a podcast about changing the perception of yoga.

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3 months ago

Turn Your Narrative into Your Reality for a Better, More Fulfilling Life After 60

Recently, I heard two different people explain how they used their personal narrative to change their reality. They designed new narratives that changed the way they and others thought about them. One of the women had suffered a serious brain injury…

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7 months ago

The Feminine Experience of Retirement: What’s Your Stand?

Female baby boomers are the first generation to retire who are well-educated, healthy, energetic, and with well-paid careers. Consequently, many agree that the boomers’ retirement will be different from the retirement of previous generations…

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11 months ago

Do You Have a Happy or a Fulfilled Retirement?

As you retire and start a new phase of your life, the metric for a successful retirement appears to be happiness. This may be a good measure of the first few years of retirement when people need time to get used to freedom…

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1 year ago

Dancing the Night Away for a Healthy Body and a Strong Spirit!

Many specialists recommend dancing to encourage mature adults to move and feel good. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of dance including healthy mature adults, those dealing with chronic conditions…

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2 years ago

What You Are Now Is Where You Were in Your Teenage Years

I recently read a Facebook post about a 40-year reunion. Four men had a band when they were in high school. Three of them went on to non-music careers but got together again at the reunion. They started practicing and reinvented the band…

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3 years ago

Is Retirement an Outmoded Concept for Boomers?

Contrary to what we’re used to, retirement is a recent idea. When people lived an average of 47 years in the 19th century, retirement wasn’t an option. But now we define retirement as “the end of your working life.”

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4 years ago

10 Great Things About Retirement that You Should Never Forget

Retirement can be many things – some good, some bad – but it can also be quite confusing to navigate. And in many ways, it resembles the teenage years – remember those? A scary thought!

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4 years ago

Retirement Is Awful! 3 Tips to Get You on the Positive Side of That Experience

Everyone has complaints about their work, and often, retirement seems an idyllic time of freedom from schedules and appointments with far fewer responsibilities. But, as with all phases of life, there are good and bad facets…

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4 years ago

How Volunteering Can Enrich Your Life After 60

What improves your quality of life? What do you need to feel content and satisfied? Researchers asked retirees what was most important to their quality of life. There were four key answers: Read More

5 years ago

4 Reasons Why You Might Want to Start Yoga as an Older Student

Yoga is not age-dependent – toddlers to centenarians can and do enjoy it. Accessible yoga is one of the major trends these days. Accessible yoga means that proper modifications make yoga available to everyone. Read More