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Tamera Grieshaber is a retired gallery owner, photography enthusiast, addicted reader, mother, traveler of life and the world, and a lifelong learner.

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2 months ago

What Gets You Up in the Morning? Challenge Yourself and Thrive After 60

Do you look forward to the new day? Is there something that propels you out of a warm, cozy bed to dance into the day ahead? Many years ago, I was on automatic pilot…

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9 months ago

Have I Become a Cry Baby in My Senior Years?

I NEVER cry. Honestly. I was one of those people who just did not shed tears. I felt sad many, many times over my 70+ years. I might get a lump in my throat during a sad movie or stressful time but no eye leakage. Some tears dropped when I initially…

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1 year ago

Want to Live Without Regrets? Bring Your Focus Into the Present

I am not one for saying, “I wish I would have…” The decisions that I made through the years, good and bad, made me the person I am today and, in general, I am pretty satisfied with that person. Oh, there are certainly things that I wonder…

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1 year ago

What I Learned While Planning for My Next Bucket List Travel Adventure

I find pure joy when I’m about to embark on an exciting bucket list adventure that scares the daylights out of me – travelling to a foreign country for one month. Alone. Not knowing the language…

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2 years ago

Finding Peace After 60: How to Teach Your Monkey Brain to Be Quiet

Monkey Brain. I don’t know where I first heard that phrase, but I envision a half dozen monkeys jumping up and down, swinging from tree to tree and chattering and screaming at each other…

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3 years ago

Is Life After 60 Greener on the Other Side?

Like many women in their 60s, I often hear myself saying that my life would be happier and so much better if only I had more money, a more understanding partner, a new house, more time for myself, a new house, different friends…

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3 years ago

Hygge is More than Just a Cozy Home! Get More from this Wonderful Concept After 60

This beautiful Danish concept has become quite commercialized, so that as soon as we hear the word hygge (pronounced hooguh), our mind jumps to bulky sweaters, crackling fires and hot chocolate (or mulled wine)…

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7 years ago

Could Unplugging from Social Media Be a Path to Happiness After 60?

“I’ve noticed the more reactive I feel, the more miserable I am. Social media is just jet fuel for reactivity.” – Tim Ferriss (author of The 4-Hour Workweek and Tools of Titans) Read More

8 years ago

It’s OK to NOT Be Interested in Dating After 60

I have not gone on a “date” since 1971. Ok, I was married from 1972- 2012, but I have lived alone since 2010.  Read More