Wendy Irvine – once told she looked like Santa by a family member – knows the difficulty of losing and maintaining weight postmenopause. After a lifetime of struggle, she lost 55lbs. in her 40s, and maintains the loss 16 years later (she’s 57 years today). For the granular how-to, please visit: https://theinspiredeater.com/.

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1 month ago

Live with a Scarfer? How to Lose Weight Anyway!

If the book hasn’t yet been written, it’s utterly overdue, and just to get the ball rolling let me suggest the title: Surviving Life with a Scarfer. It seems to be a truism in life that those of us who meticulously watch our food intake pair up…

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1 month ago

Yes, Virginia, You Can Indulge in Low Calorie Holiday Drinks: Your Ultimate Guide

I love a tasty buzz as much as the next girl, but at the same time I don’t want to drink what are essentially boozy desserts and run screaming from my scale on New Year’s Day. Having maintained my loss for years now, I have zero interest…

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4 months ago

Our Great Grandmothers Wouldn’t Recognize Us: We’re Healthier, Happier and Crushing It!

Women of yesteryear were tough. (And, spoiler alert: so are you and I.) Can you imagine? Those women had no right to vote (until 1920 in the U.S.), iffy birth control, sketchy medical care, no Pampers, no dishwasher…

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7 months ago

8 Hacks to Gain Skills, Not Weight, Over the Holiday Weekend

I never met a holiday menu I didn’t embrace. Like so many of us I was “dieting” (here and there) some of the year, but when a holiday rolled around, out the window the diet went. Problem is, we celebrate something every month…

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8 months ago

The Best Question to ask yourself When Losing Weight after 60

After losing 55 lbs. in my 40s and keeping those pounds off for 16 years now (I’m 57 today), there was a reliable go-to question that I asked myself almost every day, and I want to share its power with you. When my husband – mostly lovingly known…

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9 months ago

Do You Still Believe What Your Parents Told You About Food?

Many of us were raised by survivors of the Great Depression. My grandma once told me, “We were hungry, but your grandfather’s family was starving.” Which explains why the man would eat anything put before him. Clearly, he did not belong to the group…

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10 months ago

Step Away from the Easter Calories and Nobody’s Waist Line Gets Hurt

This is how they get us: they go one of three ways. First, your standard chocolate companies transform chocolate, sugar, nuts and/or marshmallows into darling shapes like bunnies, chicks, and lambs…

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11 months ago

Why the Cycle of Overeating Is a Game-Changer When We’re Losing after 50

My new plan was to train my brain to embed healthier eating habits. And as I did, it became glaring to me that while we’re constantly admonished to “eat this, not that,” the so-called experts know little about how our powerful brains affect overeating…

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12 months ago

How I Use My Lazy Gene to Uplevel My Weight Loss Success

Let me say right off the bat that there’s nothing special about me (my grandma wasn’t a Rockette and my people never brought home the gold). True to my genetics, I was “well-insulated” for three-plus decades of life. Never reedy, I always looked like I’d been double-dipping on school lunches and chowing ice cream at […]

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