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Does Life Get Better with Age? Or, Does it Get Worse?

By Margaret Manning February 10, 2016 Mindset

Aging has a pretty bad name. Hollywood portrays older people as forgetful, grumpy and weak. Cosmetics companies tell us that aging is something to be fought. Many companies discriminate against older employees.

On the other hand, more people than ever are starting to stand up and challenge ageism. Celebrities like Madonna, Antonio Banderas and Dustin Hoffman are supporting positive aging themes. Organizations are challenging ageism in the workplace. Most of all, everyday people are showing, through their actions, that life after 60 can be amazing.

I’d love to get your opinion on this. Do you think that life gets better with age? Are you the kind of person who believes that the wisdom and experience we gain with time more than make up for the physical downsides of aging?

One thing is for certain. Whether you believe that life gets better or worse with age, you are right. Life after 60 is whatever we make it. We can choose to accept aging stereotypes. Or, we can challenge them. We can accept the idea that aging is something to be fought. Or, we can support the idea that aging is something to be embraced. Either way, I hope that you find all the happiness that you deserve.

Do you think that life gets better or worse with age? Why? Please join the conversation.


Watch this short video that I recorded on the question of whether life gets better with age.

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