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Elderly Care: How to Be a Caregiver While Taking Care of Your Own Life

By Margaret Manning May 30, 2014 Caregiving

Boomer women often find themselves being responsible for elderly care in their families. Unfortunately, figuring out how to be a caregiver, while finding balance in all aspects of your life, is hard.

If you feel drained by multiple and conflicting life challenges, this episode of the Sixty and Me Show may be perfect for you! 

My guest expert on this topic is Dr. Dale Atkins. Dr. Dale is a well-known psychologist and relationship expert. In her practice and writing, she focuses on, aging, care giving, elderly care, managing stress and achieving balance in life. She is the author of several books and her latest is “Sanity Savers, Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life.” Dr. Dale understands and promotes the need to appreciate caregivers to and acknowledged them for what they are doing and giving. Enjoy the show!

She encourages women who are caregivers to develop techniques that transform negative exchanges with aging parents into beautiful memory moments.

Her special advice encourages a women to stay present in one role at a time and to do things that bring joy and happiness in the transition moments. By putting energy into one person at a time, that task gets full attention and the stress of trying to be all things to all people is reduced.

Dr. Dale’s advice has its roots in her deep and passionate understanding of the psychology of older women. The heart of her advice is for a woman to learn how to be kind to herself as well as everyone else. Forgiveness is key to being able to cope, as is the ability to keep good and bad things in perspective.

Dr. Dale pulls insights from her book “Sanity Savers” when she encourages women to…

Develop 5 skills: self-love, accepting support of others, positive surroundings, mental stimulation and savoring where you are and what you have learned.

Join Dr. Dale and I as We Discuss the Following Topics:

  • How to avoid caregiver stress syndrome and caregiver burnout
  • How to respond to aging parents and dementia with positive memories
  • Exploring the art of finding balance in your own life as an elderly caregiver
  • Several things you can do make dealing with aging parents a positive experience
  • Techniques for dealing with anxiety and managing stress when life gets too busy
  • How to avoid feelings of guilt things don’t go as planned
  • Ways to live in the present moment while juggling multiple levels of responsibility
  • How to keep calm under pressure, when there are just not enough hours in the day

I hope that you enjoy the Show! Please remember to like, comment and share with your friends!

Do you have any advice for the other women in the Sixty and Me community regarding elderly care? Please join the conversation.

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