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Fashion After 60 is All About Finding and Expressing Yourself (Video)

By Margaret Manning March 17, 2016 Beauty

What do navy blue, black and dark grey have in common? They are all colors that society thinks is “acceptable” when it comes to fashion for women over 60. What complete nonsense!

Having spoken to hundreds of women in our community, I know that each and every one of you is an individual. You are all unique and special. So, why does society want to paint us all with the same dark brush?

Today, I interviewed Lyn Slater, founder of a fashion blog for older women called Accidental Icon. She argues that life after 60 is actually the perfect time to express your unique self. We need to stand together and tell the world that we are still visible – not because we care what anyone else thinks about us, but, because we are proud of who we are, inside and out.

What 3 Words Describe Your Style?

If I were to ask you to describe your personal style in just 3 words, what would you say? Would you be sporty, fun and comfortable? Or, would you perhaps be bohemian, free-spirited and wild? Or, would you describe your fashion choices as classic, formal and chic?

When I asked Lyn to describe her style, she used the words somber, seductive and romantic. I love these words because they show the beautiful contradiction that exists in many of our lives. We don’t want to be defined in “one way.” We are complicated and nuanced. Our clothing should be too!

Lyn’s words are intriguing, so, I’ll say a few things about them here. Then, I’d love to hear YOUR 3 words in the comments sections at the end of this article.

Lyn’s first word was “somber.” She believes that this word entered her life through her time as an academic. She says that her clothes reflect the seriousness that this part of her life requires.

Her next word was “seductive,” which, on the surface seems to conflict with “somber.” Lyn doesn’t see a contradiction. She is fond of Japanese fashion designers, who make clothes that move around your body. These clothes are tight but flowing.

Finally, Lyn says that her personal style is “romantic.” She is captivated by Gucci, a romantic who designs for women just like her.

This doesn’t mean that she only buys expensive brands. Like Judith Boyd, “The Style Crone,” Lyn does most of her shopping at estate sales and consignment stores.

My words are cultured, bohemian and creative. What are yours? Let’s get a conversation started!

What 3 words would you use to describe your personal style? What do you think are the keys to fashion after 60? Please join the conversation now. Our community is stronger because of you!

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