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Finding Your Own Voice – LaDonna Gatlin (Video)

By Margaret Manning June 28, 2013 Mindset

In this episode of the Sixty and Me Show, I had the pleasure of talking with LaDonna Gatlin, a high energy motivational speaker and author who believes that every woman has a unique song to sing instead of living someone else’s dream.

She shares her personal journey with depression and reinvention and offers some practical ways to find passion and purpose in life.

La Donna started singing professionally when she was a child with her famous country music brothers and always saw her self-worth in that context. We discuss how easy it is to be defined by others and how finding a life calling is an effort of personal discovery and sometimes painful separation.

Her honest discussion on her battle with depression and her suicide attempt supports her desire to make mental illness something that can build strength and transformation. We also talk about the importance of social connections in strengthening one’s ability to bounce back and find light in dark times.

The conversation with La Donna will make you think about how to find your own passion and purpose in life and how to build a career and lifestyle that supports the true you. Most importantly, this talk is an inspiration from a woman who is not afraid to be bold, take risks and put herself first, knowing where uncomfortable boundaries are breaking through.

Our conversation is all about living life on our terms, finding joy in shaping an independent and authentic life in our sixties. Enjoy the show!

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