There is something special that happens to the way that you see the world when you have your first grandchild. As a parent, you are often too busy with the day-to-day business of keeping your family running smoothly to notice the world around you. As a grandparent, you are free to see the big picture.

Maybe it has something to do with being able to see multiple generations together. Or, perhaps we are just wiser the second time around. Whatever the reason, having grandchildren reminds us that the decisions we make today have lasting consequences. Please watch the video and join the conversation at the end of this article.

When I think about my own grandchildren, I often wonder what kind of world they will inherit. Will they grow up with freedom or oppression? Will technology improve their lives? Or, are we heading towards a future that looks like something from the movie Terminator?

In my opinion, grandparents have a special role to play in making the world safe for future generations. Having lived through 6 or more decades ourselves, we understand how the consequences of our decisions echo through the ages.

If we care about the children quote

My intention is not to argue for a particular ideology or issue here. Instead, I want everyone in our community to get involved in the issues that they care about. We have important questions ahead of us and we should make our voices heard. How can we give our grandchildren a healthy planet? How can we balance this against the needs of the economy, so that they can find great jobs? How much do we want to invest in education vs. other priorities? These questions are just the beginning.

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If you could make one wish for your grandchildren, what would it be? Do you agree that grandparents have a special role to play in protecting the world for future generations? What causes or issues do you think will shape the future for our grandkids?

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