Good Morning! Let's Start a Conversation!

Well, I don’t know about you, but, I woke up feeling great this morning. I just know that it’s going to be a wonderful day! How about you? While we’re on the topic of feeling great, I want to share some habits that each of us should focus on if we want to find lasting happiness. I also have a short message to share about some adjustments that I am making to our Mornings with Sixty and Me programming schedule. Please watch today’s show above. Then, watch the following 2-minute update on our morning show.

Come join us for a cup of tea (or coffee) and a chat. And, if you enjoy the show, please tell one friend about us today. Your support means so much to me!

What are the small things that make you happy? What habits have you embraced that bring joy and positivity into your life? Please join the conversation and tell one other woman about Mornings with Sixty and Me today. The more the merrier!

Let's Have a Conversation!