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How to Make a Vision Board Work – It’s All in Your Head

By Margaret Manning May 24, 2014 Mindset

Several years ago, while I was going through a major downsizing exercise, I came across a vision board that my son had created in 5th grade. Of course, he had no idea what a vision board was at the time, but, it was clear that this was the result of his creative effort. His visual collage was both beautiful and eerily prescient.

Having recently read about the law of attraction, I wondered if the vision board had anything to do with the person my son had become. Or, were the images simply a reflection of who he already was. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that vision boards may actually have power, but, not in the way that people think.

How to Make a Vision Board

Let’s start at the beginning. What is a vision board? A vision board is a visual representation of your life goals. It uses pictures to clarify your intentions and say to the world what you value and want to achieve.

The concept was popularized in the book “The Secret,” although the idea has been around for longer than that. Many people believe that vision boards have the power to change your future by “telling the universe” what you want.


In reality, I suspect that the truth is somewhat less spiritual, but, no less powerful. By telling our minds what to look out for, we increase our chances of finding what we want in the world. We notice coincidences more often. We look for opportunities subconsciously. In other words, vision boards may work because they harness the power of our minds, not the power of the universe.

In any case, if you are thinking about making a vision board, you may be a bit lost as to where to start. So, here are 4 things to consider as you think about how to make a vision board of your own.

Define Your Dreams and then Wake Up

The first thing to do when you are making a vision board is to suspect logic. Vision boards don’t live in the realm of our conscious minds. They activate our subconscious thoughts and engage our emotions. They spark our imagination and activate our hopes in mysterious ways. Have fun with the process and trust that if you tell your mind what you want, it will do the rest.

Collect Pictures that Wow You

On the surface this seems simple. Cut out pictures of things you love. Then, paste them onto paper and magically your life will be transformed! Of course, it’s not that easy. While you shouldn’t think too much about each image, selecting the right pictures for your vision board is hard work.

Go deep inside yourself and find the images that give you goose bumps. Only choose the ones that make you go “wow.” Don’t settle for “interesting” or “nice.” Pay attention to your emotional reactions to the pictures that you are looking at. Be open to surprises and let your subconscious choose your pictures.

Let Go and Live Your Life

Cutting out pictures and pasting them on paper is just the beginning. Enjoy the exercise, but, don’t put too much weight on it. The next step is to put your vision board away and stop thinking about it. Wait for your subconscious to draw you attention to coincidences and patterns that relate to your dreams. When you feel a synchronicity enter your life, think back to your vision board and smile. This is your subconscious telling you that it is hard at work, helping you to achieve your dreams.

Understand the Real Power of Intention and Desire

After reading the book “The Secret,” many people have the misguided believe that if you wish for something long and hard enough, it will happen. Of course, this is nonsense. The world works based on physical laws and we are a part of an intricate and beautiful dance with the rest of nature.

However, as intelligent, independent women, we also have a great deal of power to change the world around us. Using a vision board helps us to activate our whole mind and use it to guide our body to a future that we want.

So, don’t be frustrated if the world isn’t fast to react to your desires. Be content with the fact that your mind is hard at work, making a thousand small decisions every day that will guide you towards your dreams.

Whether your vision board helps you to realize your dreams is not the point. What is important is that the process enables you to take action with intention. Keep your eyes open for interesting signposts and embrace the detours along the way. So, get started with your vision board today and let your mind guide you through the universe of possibilities that lies before you.

Have you made a vision board in the past? Did you see any interesting patterns or synchronicities that you later were able to tie back to your vision board? What advice would you give to someone who is wondering how to make a vision board of their own?


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