Sex after 50 is taboo subject. While we have come to expect our world to be filled with images of perfectly shaped 20-somethings in intimate situations, the very idea of sex over 50 is repulsive for many. In the movies, sex has become so commonplace that we barely even notice full-frontal scenes – unless, like in The Hangover, the body being shown is owned by an older person. In these cases, the nudity is there to make the audience giggle nervously.

Sex After 50 Should Be Accepted

In a recent interview in The Daily Mail, Joan Collin challenged the idea that sex should be something that only young people should enjoy. She said, “Now that sex is used to sell everything from vacuum cleaners to plane tickets, it should be accepted that it’s everyone’s prerogative to enjoy it and have it, regardless of age.”

She continued, “It makes me happy when I read about a couple marrying in their 80s, or rediscovering their lost love from 50 years ago.”

Collins is one of a growing group of celebrities who are speaking out about sex after 50. Dame Helen Mirren recently said that sex after 60 is wonderful and Sex and the City star, Kim Cattrall said that sex after 50 is all in your head.

Sex is one of the most powerful human experiences. It goes far beyond reproduction. It is an expression of our deepest emotions and a celebration of our bodies. This is true at 20 and it is true at 70. We need more people like Joan Collins to remind the world that sex after 50 is “normal.”

I’d love to hear what you think about this. Do you think that sex gets better with age?

Why do you think that sex after 50 is a taboo, while we are surrounded by intimate images of younger people every day? Do you think that intimacy gets better with age? Why or why not? Please join the conversation.

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