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Sex After 60 is Wonderful, Says Dame Helen Mirren

By Margaret Manning February 14, 2016 Dating

One of the biggest aging stereotypes is that sex after 60 doesn’t matter. What nonsense! Do our bodies change as we get a little older? Of course! Do our attitudes towards sex shift as we move through the phases of our life? In many cases, yes, they do. But, just because our attitudes change doesn’t mean that we become non-sexual beings in our 50s or 60s.

On the contrary, our changing attitudes can be a source of positive sexual energy, as we let go of our insecurities and focus on our – and our partners’ – true needs.

Dame Helen Mirren is Embracing Sex After 60. Are you?

It’s always great to see celebrities challenging aging stereotypes, so, I was pleased to read Dame Helen Mirren’s comments on sex after 60 today. As reported in the Daily Mail, Helen Mirren was recently quoted as saying that sex in her younger years was “paranoid and empty.” Now, she says it’s..

Great, just wonderful.

Mirren, aged 69, even sets an alarm to wake her up early, so that she can spend some quality time in bed with her husband. Good for her!

Like so many aspects of life after 60, maintaining an active and fulfilling sex life is a choice. But, if we commit ourselves to staying fit and invest in our relationships, we should be able to have healthy and fulfilling sex lives for as long as we want.

Many women in the community have told me that they agree with Helen that sex after 60 is better than ever. They say that they are more comfortable with their bodies than ever before. They also know what they like and how to please their partner. Some women also say that not having to worry about getting pregnant makes the whole experience more relaxing.

I’d love to get your opinion on this.

Do you think that sex after 60 is important? Do you think that sex gets better with age? Why or why not? Please join the conversation.

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Sex after 60 is great. Age is indeed just a number. If you still feel young inside why not. After all at whatever age we enjoy sex we are still the same person inside.

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