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My 4-Minute Makeup Routine for Older Women – Plus My Top 10 Products (Video)

By Margaret Manning June 13, 2016 Beauty

A few days ago, I recorded my first Facebook Live session. Over 6,000 women over 60 watched the 40-minute video! It was a great opportunity to connect with our Facebook community, share ideas and discuss things that were on our minds.

We talked about the power of our community, invisibility, loneliness, friendship and relationships. And, of course, we talked about fashion and makeup for older women.

I Love Playing with Makeup! Do You?

Now, like a lot of women in our Sixty and Me community, I love playing with makeup. In fact, I have recorded a number of videos with makeup and positive aging guru, Ariane Poole. Over the years, she has shared many wonderful tips and tricks with us!

Now, for the first time, I’d love to show you how I do my own makeup every day. This is kind of a big step for me. Without Ariane on camera with me, I am totally on my own!

So, before I start, I have to ask for Ariane’s forgiveness here. I did a super-fast application here. If something didn’t turn out perfectly, it’s my fault!

Among other things, I didn’t have time to utilize all of her mascara application tips. However, I think that Ariane would at least give me an “A” for effort.

My 4-Minute Makeup for Older Women Routine

I’ve included a short video below with my attempt at applying my makeup in 4-minutes.


One of the most common requests that I get is to include the products that I use, so, here they are.

Facial Oil: I used Rose Hip Oil by Renew although there are a number of great facial oils.

Face: Ultimate Face Tint Foundation in Medium by Ariane Poole

Cheeks: Cream Blush in Orgasm by Nars

Eyes: Crystal Taupe Eye shine by Ariane Poole

Eyebrows: Blondy Brow eye brow pencil by Manhattan

Lips: Rose Liner 302 by Kiko

Lips: Lipstick by Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy 507

Mascara: Endless Sky Volume Effect Mascara Kiko

Highlighter: Touche Éclat #1 by Yves St Laurent

Lip Gloss: Lip Smoother Cake Pop by Catrice

The products that I used are easy to find. I hope that you enjoy the tutorial. As you watch, please keep in mind that I’m not a professional. I’m just having a bit of fun with my makeup and sharing the experience with you!

If you are looking for a professional transformation, I encourage you to watch my other videos with Ariane. She is amazing!

What are your favorite makeup products? Have you made any changes to the way that you apply your makeup as you have gotten a little older? Are there any makeup products that you would like me to try or review? Please let me know in the comments.  

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