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Not Feeling Blessed? Change the Tune!

By Darlene Corbett May 19, 2021 Mindset

I come to you this morning to say three simple words: You are blessed!

“What do you mean,” you might ask.

It’s simple, really. You are reading, which means you are alive. So, you are blessed!

“Why are you emphasizing this,” you might wonder.

You can read this even if you need optical assistance. One more time, you are blessed!

“Ok, enough.”

Well, I am not finished. You must remind yourself that you have the privilege of reaching the age of 60 or 60 plus, plus, plus. And yes, ladies, that is a privilege!

Not Very Easy to Feel Blessed

Some of you might grumble and say, “You have no idea what you are saying. The golden years are not turning out to be so golden.” I would concur that challenges arise, like black swans, out of nowhere. The current pandemic is no different.

Some of you are more fatigued because that is the reality of getting older. Some of you may not see or hear as well as you did in midlife, but with the correct devices, vision and hearing are still available to many.

Balance may, at times, be delicate. Again, however, with the proper exercises or equipment, that also can be alleviated.

How about the fact that your social circle diminishes? If you have children and grandchildren, they may be geographically at a distance or preoccupied with their own lives. Work may have been a place where connections were easy to form, and now that is elusive. Loneliness has permeated your life.

Changing the Tune at Any Time

Why remind us of all these challenges? Because you can change the tune of your life by singing a different melody. Even if you consider yourself too old and set in your ways, you can choose to consider a different way of thinking.

The issue is about choice and embracing the time we have left to create new music, a different song, or perform it in a new way.

Recently, I wrote an article titled “The Singer Not the Song.” I wrote it because I had an idea after speaking with a client. She was discussing her craft, and I pointed out to her, as I do with many others, “It is about the Singer, Not the Song.”

The beauty of this strategy is that it allows us to look at our life as a song, and we are the performers. How we sing it is a choice we have to make. And, we can change the tune at any time.

Are there areas that we cannot change? Of course, but as long as we breathe oxygen into our lungs and are not suffering from severe memory loss, we can count on our minds to assist us. The human brain is the greatest invention of all. Throughout our life cycle, we can explore and alter the landscape of thought.

Am I Preaching from My High Perch?

My life is pretty complicated too. In some ways, it always has been, and this has probably allowed me to have a more extended leash. Without sharing specifics as I’m the designated Keeper of Secrets for many, let’s just say that I also needed to change the tune of my song more than once.

In my 50s, I was determined to do so again. I didn’t see another choice, but in reality, as long as we are alive and free, there is. I could have chosen to wallow in a situation that will never improve or continue with a positive spirit that has continuously served me well.

I believe in the possibilities even at this later chapter in my life. Although I am unique, I am no more than you. The uniqueness you have is as individual as it is to every other unique specimen in our universe.

Use the Time to Think, Explore, and Rewrite

During this pandemic, which has caused many people anxiety, loneliness, and uncertainty, take a few minutes each day. Write down something you might want to learn, and please do not say you are too old.

Last year, I was quite excited when I went on the Internet and learned how to transfer files to a thumb drive. YouTube has just about anything you want or need to learn. Also, there are many free classes. Take advantage of the magnificent tool we have – the Internet. And please do not say you are too old. You are not.

Finally, if loneliness continues to prevail and you are already comfortable with the Internet, go ahead and look up There is a social gathering for everyone.

Living is not a comfortable journey. As the great Roman philosopher Seneca stated, “Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” Go ahead and live. If things are not going the way you want, try creating a new tune, go out and perform it, and then watch what happens.

What About You?

Is there something you have thought about and would like to do? Is there someone with whom you want to reconnect? Write it down, give it some thought, and remind yourself: “You are worthy and deserving of feeling good. You are not going to let anyone or anything interfere with this. You are on your way to being more fulfilled and more freed up in ways you may never have thought possible.”

Have you thought about changing the tune of your life? What would you like it to be? What’s stopping you? Please share your thoughts and comments and let’s have a conversation!

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Darlene Corbett views herself as a life-long learner, work-in-progress, bibliophile, and logophile. Darlene's primary roles are now Therapist, Hypnotherapist, and Author/Writer. At age 61, her first book on personal development was traditionally published. Her book, Visible Forever, will be published by WordCrafts Press in the spring of 2024.

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