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Downsizing and Recycling Trend: Save the World While Decluttering Your Life

By Cheryl Therrien February 04, 2019

There appears to be no doubt about it. More and more of us are downsizing as we grow older. We don’t need or want the maintenance of a large home.

The prospect of downsizing means thinking about how many of our material things we really do use. What do we do with the things we do not want to take in a move to a smaller home? Think about recycling. Read More

5 Tips to Help You Declutter with Poise – Even When You’re a Pack Rat

By Debra Englander October 02, 2018

Cleaning out an apartment or house is a stressful process, regardless of the reason. It’s not much fun sorting through possessions when you’re moving or renovating. Read More

Downsizing Can Be Fun! Lessons from Joyful Decluttering

By Michele Meier Vosberg January 05, 2018

Do you live in a beautiful clutter-free space? Many of us aspire to live in a stress-free, orderly home. We seriously undertake an occasional decluttering marathon. Read More

One More (Controversial) Reason to Declutter After 60

By Margaret Manning November 25, 2017

In the past, when I have talked about downsizing, I did so from the perspective of getting more from life after 60. Why? Because, when we get rid of the things that don’t really matter, we make room for the things and people that do. Well, today, I want to take a slightly different take on this topic. I’d love to talk about decluttering in order to make sure that our loved ones don’t have to deal with additional stress if something unexpected happens to us. I realize that this is a controversial topic, but, I’d love to get your thoughts on this! Have you downsized or decluttered recently? Why or why not?

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How to Declutter Your Home the Quick and Easy Way

By Margaret Manning November 21, 2016

One of the best decisions I ever made was to declutter my home. A few years ago, I decided that I had had enough of the clutter in my closets and the boxes in my basement. So, I digitized most of my photos, gave away boxes of clothes to charity and sold my old electronic equipment on eBay. It was the best decision that I ever made! If you are thinking about downsizing – or just want to declutter a bit – I have some tips to help you along the way. Join me as I share the highlights from Karen Kingston’s article, “How to Declutter Your Home, 20-Minutes at a Time.” Come join us for a cup of tea (or coffee) and a chat. And, if you enjoy the show, please tell one friend about us today. Your support means so much to me! Read More

RV Travel Tips for Seniors

By Sandra Roussy February 02, 2024

Setting out on a trip in the comfort of a recreational vehicle (RV) is an exhilarating experience, and for you, as a senior, it presents a unique opportunity to explore the world at your own pace. RV travel offers a blend of adventure, flexibility…

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What Is the Story Your Home Tells About You?

By Beate Schilcher January 06, 2024

We read a book, the news or our partner’s mind. What if we started reading our home’s story, the message between the lines and pages of its history, between the nooks and crannies of walls, furniture and other „stuff“ that surrounds us every day…

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What Do You Do When You Want to Downsize – But Your Spouse Doesn’t?

By Rita Wilkins December 28, 2023

As an interior designer for the past 35 years, I have had the opportunity to help baby boomers design their first, second and even third homes, their beach houses, mountain retreats, and country cottages…

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Downsized? How to Decorate Your New Smaller Home for the Holidays

By Rita Wilkins December 07, 2023

At this stage of life, you’re looking forward to a simpler lifestyle with less clutter, more freedom, new friends, and new memories. Your kids are now grown and have left the nest. You might be single, widowed, or a couple. No matter what, holidays…

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How I Went from Downsizing to Minimalism

By Lynn Clare November 28, 2023

I began my downsizing journey many years ago. I found that it is more of an ongoing process than an event. Even though there were many events within the process, it was always focused around the removal of things. All of those cherished possessions…

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