Debra W. Englander is a writer, editor and book coach based in New York. She has written for numerous publications and managed a business book program for John Wiley. She writes “The Savvy Self-Publisher” column for Poets & Writers. Follower her on Twitter @DebraEnglander.

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9 months ago

5 Annoying Situations for Freelancers and Small Business Owners and How to Respond to Them

Along with the benefits of being a freelancer, or running your own small business, come some aggravating problems. These hassles will occasionally occur, so you should be ready for them. Here are my solutions to the most common issues…

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11 months ago

9 Tricks to Help You Manage Your Finances for the First Time After 60

The days of one spouse taking charge of the family finances are long gone, right? I wish that was the case. Over the years, I’ve edited a number of books aimed at helping women master the basics of personal finance and investing…

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1 year ago

10 Questions to Ask Before You Start Writing a Book

These days there are many options if you’re hoping to publish your book. You can do it yourself using Amazon CreateSpace or IngramSpark. You write your book, format it and upload files to the website. Voilà! You are a published author. …

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1 year ago

How Much Parenting of Adult Children Is Too Much?

“How’s everything?” I innocently asked someone whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. She immediately said everything was fine. She added that one child was entering high school and the other starting his senior year in high school so things were stressful. Read More

2 years ago

After 60, You Can’t Do Everything That You Used to Do… and That’s Ok

I’ve been a runner for more than 40 years – ever since taking a jogging class as part of a gym requirement in college. It’s a real passion of mine. For a long time, I ran races and participated in marathons. More recently, I built up to long runs in the spring and summer. Read More

2 years ago

Family Gatherings Not Your Thing? You Can Still Have a Happy Holidays!

There’s usually no way to avoid a holiday get-together. If you’ve got a large family or live far from your parents or siblings, chances are you’re heading to a relative’s house this month.

Or, perhaps you’ve got your own circle of friends and prefer a more sedate dinner rather than a house full of children of varying ages, along with the obligatory exchange of gifts. Read More

3 years ago

How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in 5 Easy Steps

I hate to admit it but I’m a creature of habit. Year-round, I follow the same routine: I’m up early to go to the gym for a workout, or I head outdoors for a long run. Then most of my days are spent at the computer editing or talking with clients on the phone. Read More

3 years ago

5 Tips to Help You Declutter with Poise – Even When You’re a Pack Rat

Cleaning out an apartment or house is a stressful process, regardless of the reason. It’s not much fun sorting through possessions when you’re moving or renovating. Read More

3 years ago

5 Good Reasons to Work at Home in Retirement: Yes, You Can Be Productive in Your Pajamas!

Some positions require you to work at an office, hold meetings or have face-to-face interactions with clients and colleagues – and these may not be as effective when done virtually. Read More

4 years ago

The Impact and Power of Random Acts of Kindness

Students at Carmel High School in Indiana recently carried out a day of “random acts of kindness.” One class wrote and posted more than 5,000 uplifting and positive messages on student lockers. Read More