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How a Low Functioning Thyroid Can Lead to Weight Gain After 50

By Julie Dargan March 21, 2021

Thyroid problems and weight gain can be directly linked. Thyroid issues develop over time. You may have been displaying signs of low thyroid function in your 30s or 40s but were able to push through it. You were able to exercise a little more…

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If You Want to Lose Weight After 50, Listen to Your Hormones!

By Julie Dargan February 01, 2021

Menopause and weight gain often go together thanks to a combination of hormonal disharmony, slower metabolism and lifestyle factors. To achieve hormone harmony, it takes more than simply focusing on one hormone. Today, we will discuss…

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In the Clutches of the Hot Flushes – What Are They and What Can You Do About Them?

By Rachelle Ballard-Clayton April 21, 2020

Are you experiencing hot flushes? Have you been through menopause, but still have the same symptoms? This is a very common occurrence. 75% of women report experiencing hot flushes from approximately age of 40 through to 80…

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Dry, Aging Skin? Make it Glow Again!

By Sixty and Me December 06, 2018

Think you just have to live with dry, aging skin? Think again! There are so many things you can do to make your skin look and feel great, no matter your age. Dr. Sarah Brewer recently spoke with Margaret Manning about the best ways to care for your mature skin, and her advice will make you think of skin care in a whole new way. Read More

Want to Reduce Stress in Your 60s? Here’s How to Beat Anxiety with Herbal Medicines

By Sarah Brewer August 24, 2018

If you regularly feel apprehensive or panicky, or experience feelings of dread, you could have general anxiety disorder in which you worry excessively about a number of everyday problems. Read More

6 Questions to Help You Find Meaning in Life after Retirement (Video)

By Margaret Manning September 29, 2015

Making the transition to life after retirement is challenging. Beyond the obvious practical considerations of where to live, how to stay healthy and how to pay for everything, we also worry about how to find meaning in our lives.

The 6 secret questions included in this article will help you to reconnect with yourself and build the life that you deserve. Read More