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Pills, Wills, Bills and Thrills: 12 Amazing Apps for Older Women

By Margaret Manning April 10, 2014 Lifestyle

One of the common misconceptions about women over 60 is that we are not tech savvy. The truth is that we love our smartphones, tablets and eBooks just as much as anyone. We are also always on the lookout for amazing new apps to educate, entertain and inspire us.

Unfortunately, with hundreds of new apps being released every day, it’s almost impossible to try them all.

We’re here to help sort through the clutter. Following are a few of what we consider to be the best apps for older women.Of course, there are a few that are designed to meet our special needs. But, there are also plenty of others that are just fun or interesting, no matter what your age.

Pills – Health Apps and Nutrition Apps

Staying healthy is a huge priority for women over 60. Many women take medications or vitamins and with our busy lives sometimes need a little reminder. Here are a few of our favourite health and nutrition apps.

RxmindMe reminds you when to take your medications and vitamins. It allows you to enter all of your dosage information, set up reminders, and keep track of when you take them. The app is available for free on your iPhone.

MedCoach is an app that helps you remember to take your medications and pills at the right time and day. It can also connect to your pharmacy to refill your prescriptions. It is available for free on your iPhone or Android device.

Fooducate helps you to eat a healthier diet by giving you the ability to scan product barcodes to see what’s really in your food. The app is available for free on your iPhone.

WebMD provides a great deal of useful information regarding health and wellness, medications, illnesses and first aid. The app is available for free on both iPhone and Android devices.

Thrills – Flashlight Apps and Magnifying Glass Apps

You can’t enjoy life if you can’t see what’s on your tiny screen. So here are some great magnifying and flashlight apps that will open up the online world.

Flashlight is a simple, yet incredibly useful app. It allows you to use your phone as a flashlight. It’s easy to use and is great for those times that you need to dig around in your purse for your keys at night. Flashlight is available for free on your iPhone. If you are looking for a similar app for your Android phone, try Brightest LED Flashlight.

Magnifying Glass with Light is an app that allows you to magnify small texts. Since it has a build in light, it is especially useful for dimly lit spaces, such as when you are trying to read a menu in a dark restaurant. The app is free for your iPhone.

Bills – Money Management Apps and Coupon Apps

Whether you are still working or living on a pension, there are several apps that can help you to keep on top of your money.

Check is an award-winning app that helps you to keep track of your bills and money. The app can help you to avoid missing bills or getting hit with overdraft fees. It is available for free on your iPhone.

Mobilligy lets you review, manage and pay your bills for free. I especially like the fact that there is an option to have the app notify you when a new bill arrives, so, you are less likely to miss something important. Mobilligy is available on your iPhone for free. If you are looking for an alternative for Android, try Bills Reminder.

Groupon is a great app for saving money on travel, shopping and entertainment. The savings are often significant, but, you’ll need to be careful not to get swept up in the emotion of every new deal. The app is available for free on your iPhone or Android device.

Wills – Apps to Help You Organize Your Will

I was surprised to find that there aren’t actually that many great apps out there for writing your will. Maybe that’s a good business opportunity for someone in the Sixty and Me community. In any case, here is one that seems to be fairly well liked.

iLiving Will creates and stores several detailed password-protected living wills for you, a parent or friend. It is available for free on your iPhone.

Health – Fitness Apps for Women

Every woman knows that there are two things that all of us can do to live healthier lives – move more and eat better. We already covered some great nutritional apps earlier in this article. Now, let’s look at a few fitness apps.

Women’s Health Lite is a super little app for women who want to get in better shape but who don’t necessarily want to spent lots of money on a personal trainer. The free version comes with 5 sample workouts and you can upgrade to the paid version of the app for lots more options. The app is available for free on your iPhone or Android device.

Fitness for Women is another great option for those of us who want to get in better shape this year. It’s a paid app, but, it comes loaded with over 80 workouts and it lets you create your own fitness routines too. Fitness for Women is available on your iPhone for $3.99.

What are your favourite mobile apps and why? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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