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Happy 74th Birthday Sam Elliott – We Love How You Make Us Feel

By Margaret Manning August 08, 2018 News

Throughout his career, American actor Sam Elliott has played gun-slinging cowboys on TV and in films like “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” “Tombstone” and “The Quick and the Dead.”

When we took an informal vote on the sexiest man over 60, Sam’s name was right up there! “Catnip to women” is how someone described him, in the comments. He is a subtle blend of sexy masculinity and respectful tenderness.

Sam once said, “I think I’m honest and direct. People always write that I have a twinkle in my eye. But what’s at the heart of it, I like to think, is that I’m a good guy. I know I am a man. That part is real.”

Elliott began his career as a character actor, since his appearance and voice were well-suited to westerns. He also did voice-overs for companies looking for seductive and persuasive masculinity.

Now as an actor in his 70s, he has a starring role in the hit TV show, The Ranch. On the show, Sam Elliott plays Beau Roosevelt Bennett, a Vietnam War veteran who has worked on the ranch since coming home from the conflict. He has two films coming out in 2018: A Star Is Born and The Gettysburg Address. Personally, I love that he is reinventing his career in his 70s.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many older women, including myself love Sam. Recently, when he spoke at the AARP Conference, women started shrieking. Forget Magic Mike XXL! These women had just seen “I’ll See You in My Dreams,” and were swooning over the scene where he reveals his true nature to Carol.

If you haven’t seen the movie and have no idea what I’m talking about, go check it out! His magic words in the movie were, “You don’t need that stuff. You’re just right the way you are.” Isn’t this what we all want to hear?

Sam says that he’s thrilled to be in a movie where the older guy is with a woman his own age. Who knows? Maybe Hollywood will take note of the movie’s success and start to portray relationships between older adults in a more realistic way.

Sam Elliott is 74 today, August 9th. So, let’s wish him a fabulous birthday! Let’s encourage him to shatter the stereotype that women over 60 are not desirable!

We love you Sam! Happy birthday! Are you a fan of Sam Elliott? What is your favorite Sam Elliot movie? What one question would you ask Sam if you had a chance? Please join the conversation.

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Christine Kiehl

Yup, Sam just gets better and better with age! LOVE his work!

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