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Start Your Morning with a 3-Step KISS Routine to Age Well

By Joan Craig December 28, 2022 Health and Fitness

Welcome new year! You may be thinking about your health and wellness goals. You may have a lot of them, and you realize that if you spread yourself too thin, you will not be successful. Or you may be wondering which specific activities will help you achieve the results you want.

To help myself, my clients, and you stay on track, I’ve come up with a KISS (Keep it Simple Sweetie) morning routine that will help you focus on the essentials and start each day with energy and vitality.

My morning routine consists of three simple steps: hydrate, meditate, lubricate. It’s simple and easy to remember. You can customize it for your personal preferences and needs.

Most importantly – it works! These three simple steps will keep you feeling good as you navigate each day of your 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

Let’s break down each step and then you can personalize them to apply in your own life.


Start each day with water. If I’m allowed to give only one piece of health advice for the rest of my life, it would be, “Drink water!” Water is the only beverage we truly need.

Water is the absolute first thing your body needs when you wake up. Overnight we lose fluids through breathing and sweat. You may crave tea, coffee, or other caffeinated beverage, but water should come first.

I start each day with warm water with lemon and ginger. Drink water to your preference – cold, room temperature, warm, or hot; plain or with lemon.

If you want to know more about water – how much you should drink, how to filter it, and whether you need expensive water merchandise – here’s my free Water Action Guide which provides all those answers and more.


Immediately after I hydrate and take care of morning hygiene, I meditate. The benefits of meditation are now widely known and reported in scientific journals. Meditation lowers stress hormones, improves cognition, and strengthens our sense of well-being.

You can reap the rewards of meditation without aligning yourself with any particular system, faith, or dogma. Just sit quietly, relax, and breathe.

You may choose a different practice that helps you feel centered and peaceful. Consider prayer, journaling, visualization, and reading inspirational literature.

The important thing for me is to spend time each day in the quiet, before the day’s activities. It helps me be calmer, clearer, kinder, and more grateful. Meditation helps me be a better version of myself.

My personal meditation routine was inspired by the teachings of Kriya Yoga.


Lubricate has to do with your joints. As we age, we may feel stiff when we wake up in the morning. We notice that we feel better as the day goes on, after our bodies are in motion.

Motion is lotion, and there are many wonderful ways to move your body. Don’t wait! Hydrate, meditate, then lubricate. Do yoga or Pilates, go to an exercise class, make up your own routine, take a walk, or swim. It’s all good, and the most important thing about movement is to do it!

Strategies for Success

Here are a few strategies to enhance your KISS morning routine of Hydrate, Meditate, Lubricate.

Add Other Positive Habits

Build in more healthy habits around this three-part morning routine. For example, start your day with gratitude. Say, “Thank you! I’m glad to be alive. Today I’m grateful for…” Then get started.

Leave Social Media for Later

Hydrate, Meditate, and Lubricate BEFORE you turn on computer, tablet, or phone. Checking texts and emails eats up valuable morning self-care time. Those things can wait.

Create a Mirror Routine Before Bed

Consider making “hydrate, meditate, lubricate” a set of bookends for the day. End your evening with hot tea (only a little so that you don’t have to visit the bathroom at night). Pray or meditate. Then do a gentle stretch or a hot bath to ease your joints after the day’s activities.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

​How do you start your morning? Do you have a KISS morning routine? How do you keep it simple and stick to it? Please share with our community in the box below!

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Toni Stritzke

I suffered from continual UTIs and had become resistant to the main antibiotic.
Since starting each day with a glass of warm water 7 months ago, I have not had another infection.


Glad to hear you have resolved the issue with hydration

Shaggie Maggie

I’m no Pollyanna, but I give a smile first thing. Beautiful feeling.


Yes! Smiling is a great morning ritual!


That is exactly how I have started my day for past few years. Water, yoga, prayer and meditation in quiet of my room with garden view. Always sets me right.


Love it Paula. Thanks for the visual of your morning space!


What useful and possible suggestions! I have a real tendency to just get up and hit the floor running ( three grandchildren under nine and three dogs) and everything is just crammed in here and there. With a fairly now-severe spinal curvature, pain and stiffness has become a constant companion along with thinking self care is just doing things simply!


Thanks for commenting Jennifer. I think many of us share that tendency. Glad you are putting yourself on the list to take care of your spine.

The Author

Joan Hope Craig has twenty years of experience as a yoga therapist and wellness coach, with expertise in scoliosis, posture, and balance. She teaches how simple habits lead to health, happiness, and purpose. She authored Change Point: Simplify Your Life, Find Inner Peace, and Do What Matters. Connect at

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