Being Grateful

Being grateful is one of the keys to finding positivity and happiness at any age. We all know this instinctually. But, how can we increase our gratitude? This is the question that we will answer in this section.

6 years ago

What Are You Grateful for Today?

So much in life depends on the frame through which we see the world. Humans are strange creatures. It seems like, no matter how far we’ve come, we always long for the next road and no matter how much we have, we always want more. Read More

7 years ago

Here Are Our Favorite Gratitude Quotes to Inspire You this Thanksgiving Day

By the time we reach our 60s, we have a lot to be grateful for. After six decades of working, raising families and exploring our passions, there is a sense that we finally know what is important. This year as our friends in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving Day, let’s all take a few minutes to think about what we are grateful for. Let’s celebrate our children and grandchildren. Let’s appreciate our good health. Most of all, let’s be grateful for having made it this far and for all of the amazing opportunities that are still before us!

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