Being Grateful

Being grateful is one of the keys to finding positivity and happiness at any age. We all know this instinctually. But, how can we increase our gratitude? This is the question that we will answer in this section.

4 years ago

6 Ways We Can Use Random Acts of Kindness to Help Others and Heal Ourselves

There is something about a random act of kindness that feeds us as much as it feeds the recipient.

Remember the movie, “Pay It Forward?” In it a young boy wonders how it would be if he did something nice for three people and asked those three people to do something nice for three more people? Pretty soon thousands of people were doing nice thing for other people by paying it forward. Read More

4 years ago

The Power of Being Grateful for the Small Things

Every morning, I have a strange habit. As I am taking a shower, I think about the miracle of modern life. As the water rushes over my body, I remind myself how amazing it is that we have hot water flowing into our homes. I feel grateful for the electricity that lights my home and keeps me warm. As I cook breakfast, I try to remember times when I have been hungry – and the people around the world who still are. Read More

4 years ago

Want to Be More Grateful? Do This One Thing in the Shower Every Morning

I have a pleasant ritual that I do in the shower every morning that wakes me up emotionally and helps me to feel better about my life. This ritual doesn’t involve a special type of shampoo or happiness soundtrack. It’s a trick that I do in my mind to feel more grateful. Read More

4 years ago

Is Being Grateful the Secret to Finding Happiness in Life After 60?

Being grateful is one of the most important ways to express positivity in our lives. This is especially true as we reach our 60s and begin to transition to the next phase of our life. Read More

4 years ago

Make Your Own Luck After 60: Plant Seeds Today and Harvest Them Tomorrow

I am not by nature a jealous person but now and again I look at someone and think, “I wish I was THAT lucky!” Read More

4 years ago

Gratitude 101 for Older Women: Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving

When I was a little girl, my mother made my sister and I write thank-you notes to whoever gave us a gift, large or small, on our birthdays or for the Holidays. This from early on, when writing even one word was a laborious, tongue-biting experience. Read More

6 years ago

Give Yourself a Personal Retreat this December. You Deserve it!

December is not my favorite month. I call it the lost month. Why? Everyone is busy putting everything off until “after the holidays.” You saw the irony in that sentence, right? “Busy putting things off.” Read More

6 years ago

MORE! Extravagant Gift Ideas for Women on a Budget

Hi everyone! This is Part Two of Extravagant Gifts on a Budget. If you haven’t read the first installment, please do! In that article, I discussed the joy of giving and receiving unexpected gifts and went over one of the most important issues: beautiful wrapping. Read More

6 years ago

Unwrapping the Secret to Extravagant Gift Giving On a Budget

I LOVE giving gifts. I love thinking about gifts. I love looking for gifts. I love wrapping gifts. But more than anything I love surprising someone with a gift they didn’t expect. Read More

6 years ago

Amending Our Process: Crafting Apologies that Heal, Part 2

In the first part of this blog, we learned two ways to apologize, expressing regret and taking responsibility from Chapman’s work on The Five Languages of Apology.

Here we learn the other three more ways to apologize: making restitution, repentance or commitment to change, and asking for forgiveness. I am proud to share my sister’s article and so lucky to have a wonderful sister and be so close to her. Here is the second part of her article… Read More