Benefits of Owning a Pet

For many women in the community, the benefits of owning a pet after 60 outweigh the costs. Find out how owning a cat or a dog could help you to get in better shape, make friends and even live longer.

3 years ago

Attention Pet Lovers: A Dog Can Make You Happier – and Healthier!

I have a new puppy, and little Sally is keeping me on my toes. Libby, my small poodle/terrier, was a stellar companion for 17 years – my kayak buddy, canoe tripper, and enthusiastic hiker. When I swam down the lake…

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4 years ago

What’s the Purrfect Pet for Boomers? Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

Over the course of our lives, most of us have had our fair share of pets. At times, my house felt like a petting zoo, with dogs cats and birds all crying for my attention. Read More

4 years ago

6 Ways that Having a Pet Can Improve Your Life After 60

I’m a cat person. I’ve always had a cat and can’t image my home without one. My cat isn’t my pet, it’s a member of my family. I love coming home and having my boy run up to greet me, rubbing against my legs and looking up at me with his big wide eyes that say he missed me. No matter how difficult my day has been, I forget it all about it when I see his eager face. Read More

5 years ago

How to Write a Pet Loss Poem to Heal Your Grief

When looking for a creative and beautiful way to heal your heart after pet loss, have you considered writing a pet loss poem? Read More

6 years ago

5 Reasons Why Adopting a Pet in Retirement May Be Right for You

Socialization is fun, and many reports state that remaining active and social as older adults can keep us healthy and help us to live longer. But what happens when it’s no longer just as simple as hopping in the car and going? Read More

6 years ago

Travelling with a Pet? These 8 Things May Save Your Sanity!

My husband and I have always had pets. In the past, we have boarded our pets when we traveled. In recent years, we have found that we prefer to take our pets with us. Read More

6 years ago

Coping with the Loss of a Pet After Years of Love

Are you experiencing emotions of sadness and grief while coping with the loss of a pet? Are you unable to even imagine moving forward with your life again without them? Would you like to tell your buddy once again that you love them? Read More

6 years ago

Hurtful Things People Say When You Lose a Pet – and How You Can Respond

If you have ever experienced the loss of a pet, you know the pain is deep, raw and genuine. These emotions of grief are real and the last thing you need is someone saying something hurtful to you. Read More

6 years ago

What is a Pet Trust and How Can it Protect Your Furry Friend?

As I write this, my big black cat Ilsa is stretched out on my desk, snoozing on top of my calendar organizer. Her little sister Yvonne stares intently out the window at the enticing birdies she can’t reach and kill. Such a blessing, our pets. Read More

6 years ago

What Are the Latest Gadgets for Dogs and Cats? You May Be Surprised!

Have you said no to having a pet despite really wanting one? Or do you turn down invitations to fun events to avoid leaving your furry friend alone at home too long? Read More