Benefits of Owning a Pet

For many women in the community, the benefits of owning a pet after 60 outweigh the costs. Find out how owning a cat or a dog could help you to get in better shape, make friends and even live longer.

5 years ago

Coping with the Loss of a Pet After Years of Love

Are you experiencing emotions of sadness and grief while coping with the loss of a pet? Are you unable to even imagine moving forward with your life again without them? Would you like to tell your buddy once again that you love them? Read More

5 years ago

Hurtful Things People Say When You Lose a Pet – and How You Can Respond

If you have ever experienced the loss of a pet, you know the pain is deep, raw and genuine. These emotions of grief are real and the last thing you need is someone saying something hurtful to you. Read More

5 years ago

What is a Pet Trust and How Can it Protect Your Furry Friend?

As I write this, my big black cat Ilsa is stretched out on my desk, snoozing on top of my calendar organizer. Her little sister Yvonne stares intently out the window at the enticing birdies she can’t reach and kill. Such a blessing, our pets. Read More

5 years ago

5 Ways to Help Your Grandchildren Recover from Losing a Pet

There are many ways that you can support your grandchild with pet loss. Your grandchild may look to you to help them through their feelings of grief and mourning, to help them understand that death is normal. Read More

5 years ago

What Can Our Dogs Teach Us About Positive Aging?

Life lessons come in all sizes, and often life’s teachers are from unlikely places. In particular, our animal friends, both domestic and wild, have a lot to teach us. Read More

5 years ago

What Are the Latest Gadgets for Dogs and Cats? You May Be Surprised!

Have you said no to having a pet despite really wanting one? Or do you turn down invitations to fun events to avoid leaving your furry friend alone at home too long? Read More

5 years ago

Dogs for Seniors: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Get a New Best Friend

Does the thought of cuddling up with a blanket, a good book and a sweet pup snuggled at your feet simply warm your heart? Me too!

There’s nothing better than having the best companion dog by your side. It’s a fantastic idea! Read More

5 years ago

Understanding and Surviving the 7 Stages of Pet Loss Grief

The stages of pet loss grief for some people over 60 are really no different than the experience of someone in their 20s.

However, if you are feeling a little raw or unsure with your emotions from the impending loss or the loss of your pet, keep in mind that what you are feeling is normal. Read More

5 years ago

Cats vs. Dogs – What’s the Best Pet for Seniors?

By now, it’s pretty clear that the evidence shows that having a pet is a great idea for many seniors.

Beyond the “soft” benefits of owning a pet – like unconditional love and emotional support – animals can be great for your health. For example, according to this study, owning a pet may significantly reduce your chances of developing heart disease. Read More

6 years ago

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Dog After 60?

As many of us have learned the hard way, life after 60 can be a bit lonely. This is especially true if, like me, you have made the choice to live by yourself. Read More