Benefits of Owning a Pet

For many women in the community, the benefits of owning a pet after 60 outweigh the costs. Find out how owning a cat or a dog could help you to get in better shape, make friends and even live longer.

6 years ago

This Retirement Home for Dogs Will Renew Your Faith in Humanity

I’ve always been an animal lover. For most of my life, my family has had dogs, cats, mice and an assortment of other creatures, common and exotic. Now, as a single woman in her 60s, I often consider getting a new dog. I imagine playing with her in the park. Read More

8 years ago

What Are the Benefits of Having a Pet After 60? You Might be Surprised

I never thought much about the benefits of having a pet until my little Chihuahua, Chica, died. She was the most wonderful little dog. She used to pull books off the shelf for me when I had something on my mind. Her selections were surprisingly relevant, although I wasn’t too keen on the bite marks. She kept me company, gave me plenty of exercise and gave me someone to talk to when my family wasn’t around. Read More