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Downsizing Your Life

Are you thinking about downsizing in retirement? Or, have you perhaps already experienced the benefits of downsizing your life. Not so long ago, I reduced my possessions to 200 items and I have never felt better! You can too.

8 years ago

Simple Sophistication and the Art of Living Well After 60

I never realized just how cluttered my life had become until I made the decision to start downsizing my life after 60. After years of accumulating “stuff,” I made the difficult – some would say dramatic – decision to reduce the number of items that I owned to 200. Read More

8 years ago

How to Start Your Own Golden Girls House (Video)

Are you trying to decide where to live in retirement? The Golden Girls network may be for you! Read More

8 years ago

5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Roommate in Retirement (Video)

Making friends as an adult is difficult. This is especially true when you are in retirement and many of the social bonds that you relied on in the past fade away. One option that many women over 60 find appealing is getting a roommate. Read More

8 years ago

How to Choose a Roommate After 60 – Advice from the Golden Girls Network (Video)

One potential solution to the problem of loneliness in retirement is finding a roommate. But, if you are like most of us, you don’t want just any roommate – you want someone who shares your interests and is fun to live with. Read More

8 years ago

Why Are More Women Over 60 Looking for a Roommate? (Video)

Are you wondering where to live in retirement? Are you thinking about finding a roommate after 60? Then, this video interview is for you! Read More

9 years ago

Introducing the Golden Girls Network – Find Happiness and Make Friends as an Older Adult (Video)

When it comes to senior housing, there are so many options available! One option that is growing in popularity among women over 60 is choosing to live with a roommate. But, how can you find someone who is fun to share your house with? The answer may be the Golden Girls network. Read More

9 years ago

Downsizing in Retirement – Can You Live with 200 Items?

Retirement is a good time to assess what is important in our lives. By focusing on our priorities and downsizing in retirement, we can make space for the things that really matter. In a literal sense, “downsizing” can mean moving to a smaller house or learning to “traveling light.” For me, it is so much more than this. After a lifetime of accumulating “stuff,” downsizing allows us to create mental space. It helps us to simplify our life on a fundamental level. It all starts with shifting our focus away from “things” and towards experiences and people. Read More

10 years ago

Why Downsizing in Retirement May Make You Happier – Dr. Dale Atkins (Video)

Whether you are considering downsizing in retirement or just looking for ways to simplify your life, this episode of the Sixty and Me Show is for you!

In this episode of the show, I speak with Dr. Dale Atkins, a well-known psychologist and relationship expert. Her focus in on families, aging well, managing stress and achieving balance in life. Read More

10 years ago

Thinking of Downsizing Your Home in Your 60s? You’re Not Alone!

Whenever we post an article for the Sixty and Me Community on the subject of simplicity and downsizing your home, the response is overwhelming. There seems to be a strong desire as we get a little older to eliminate clutter and reduce our possessions to the essentials. Simply put, many of us want to shift to having less and experiencing more. Read More

10 years ago

Downsizing Your Home? Read This First!

Many women over 60 are making transitions in our careers, family lives and homes. Part of this transition process might involve downsizing your home. In fact, there are several trends in the real estate market that are causing more women over 60 than ever to consider moving to a smaller home. Read More