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Downsizing Your Life

Are you thinking about downsizing in retirement? Or, have you perhaps already experienced the benefits of downsizing your life. Not so long ago, I reduced my possessions to 200 items and I have never felt better! You can too.

6 years ago

5 Tips to Help You Declutter with Poise – Even When You’re a Pack Rat

Cleaning out an apartment or house is a stressful process, regardless of the reason. It’s not much fun sorting through possessions when you’re moving or renovating. Read More

6 years ago

Downsizing Your Home? It’s Easier When You’re Facing the Right Direction!

Over the weekend, I was riding my bike to one of my favorite coffee shops, which is only about 10 miles away, so it’s usually an easy ride.

But on this day, the wind was blowing “like spit,” as my grandmother used to say. (Do you ever think about things people said as you were growing up that you never thought much about, and then at some point, you begin to wonder “what on earth did that mean?”) Read More

6 years ago

How to Plan, Prepare and Pack Light for Stress-Free Travel After 60

How lightly do you travel? Since 2010, I’ve flown and holidayed with carry-on luggage only. That’s a handy seven kilograms of clothes, shoes and toiletries. Read More

6 years ago

7 Ways to Simplify Your Life While Saving the Environment

I’m just one small person in a big world, but I am concerned about my responsibility for the wellbeing of the world around me. In the 1970s, we were minimalists and a bit ‘hippie-ish.’ We eschewed sugar for honey and whole wheat for white. We tried our hand at gardening organically. We limited our possessions. We lived in modest homes…

Read More
6 years ago

How Simplifying Your Life Can Help You to be Happier After 60

Talking to the other women in our community, I’m convinced that simplifying your life is one of the best things that you can do in your 60s. As we get older, we often find ourselves surrounded by years of accumulated possessions. Some of our possessions are connected to a beautiful memory, a special person, or a significant time or place. Other things are, well, just… things. Read More

6 years ago

Why Simplicity in Your Art and Life Matters After 60

Do you find yourself caught up in to-do lists that never end? Do you see problems all the time? Stress over little details and find drama in every situation? Read More

6 years ago

“Treasure, Transfer or Toss”: Exploring the Philosophy of Downsizing in Retirement

When I downsized before moving to Florida, I put my most cherished possessions into one small 5 x 10 storage unit and left my car with my daughter. At the time, I was a bit concerned that I might be getting rid of too many things, but I didn’t want to store anything that wasn’t useful or meaningful to me. Read More

6 years ago

Downsizing Can Be Fun! Lessons from Joyful Decluttering

Do you live in a beautiful clutter-free space? Many of us aspire to live in a stress-free, orderly home. We seriously undertake an occasional decluttering marathon. Read More

6 years ago

How Developers Are Catering to Baby Boomer Renters

In 2011, when my wife and I decided to sell our three-story home in New Jersey and move to an apartment just three Metro stops from Washington, D.C., we had no idea we would be becoming part of a growing Baby Boomer trend. Read More

7 years ago

Downsizing in Your 60s? 5 Powerful Reasons to Go on a “Home Diet”

It’s normal to accumulate stuff on our journey through life. Not only do we buy stuff, but our family, friends, career, interests and hobbies encourage us to get more stuff. Read More