Good Morning! Let's Start a Conversation!

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, winter has well and truly arrived. As the snow begins to fall, I can’t think of a better way to spend our time than curled up on the sofa watching a good movie. But, the question is… what should we watch? This is where you come in. Today, I’d love to create a list of our favorite heart-warming movies of all time. Hopefully, these films will keep us positive through the long winter months ahead. To get us started, here are 6 of my favorite films. Come join us for a cup of tea (or coffee) and a chat. And, if you enjoy the show, please tell one friend about us today. Your support means so much to me!

What are your favorite heart-warming films of all time? Are there any movies that you like to watch every winter, either with your family or by yourself? Please join the conversation and tell one other woman about Mornings with Sixty and Me today. The more the merrier!

Let's Have a Conversation!