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4 Things Mature Models Teach Us About Beauty After 60

By Margaret Manning January 22, 2015 Makeup and Fashion

Of all of the people that I have interviewed for the Sixty and Me Show, Cindy Joseph is one of my favorites. Cindy is a mature model and the founder of Boom Cosmetics. She is undeniably beautiful, but, it is her personality and passion for life that I appreciated the most.

When I sat down to talk with Cindy, I expected the conversation to focus on how to find beauty after 60 in a practical sense – what to wear, how to apply makeup, etc. What we actually talked about was far more philosophical – and far more interesting.

Mature Models, Like Cindy, Show Us that Beauty Comes from the Inside

Beautiful women shine from the inside. During our interview, Cindy and I discussed the beauty that older women have, simply as a result of their wisdom, strength and intelligence. Our complexity is beautiful.

For Cindy, beauty is not just about fashion and makeup. It is more a function of the degree to which you accept yourself. It is about who you are, how you carry yourself, the way that you talk and your natural glow.

Beauty is when your inner spirit shows on the outside. This is all that matters. If you stay young on the inside, you will never really be old – you will always be “beautiful!” If you don’t feel like you are beautiful by societies standards, create your own standards. You are unique and special and precious.

Beauty is a Way of Looking at the World

Women over 60 have an opportunity, not just to see beauty in themselves, but, also to see beauty in the world around them. In this way, beauty is a lens that we use to see more of the world and a tool that we use to establish rituals of happiness and celebration.

Beauty is a manifestation of our inner spirit and not a mask. Cindy reminded us that it is completely ok to love beautiful things. It’s fine to wear beautiful clothes and to use makeup. The trick is to look for things that are beautiful to us – not someone else.

Our clothes and makeup should be an expression of our own inner beauty not a cry for acceptance. Beauty is not insecure. It is bold and all encompassing.

Beauty is Different at Every Stage of Life

Cindy talked about how women have the opportunity to define beauty differently during every stage of their life. From baby to toddler, teenager to young woman, mother to grandmother, each stage of life has its own charm – its own special form of beauty.

Whether you are a mature model or not, beauty should be fun, not self-conscious.

As women, we should embrace every stage of life and learn to love our uniqueness in every moment.

You Will Look Beautiful if You Feel Beautiful

As we get older, we are constantly bombarded by stereotypes and myths about aging. With all of the expectations being pushed our way, it’s easy to get held back by our own fears and a lack of confidence. Cindy reminds us to honor ourselves and do whatever feels good.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below and don’t forget to “like” and share this article to keep the conversation going.

What do you think makes a person beautiful? Does the concept of beauty change as we get a little older? Why or why not? Who are your favorite mature models?

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