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Why Tai Chi is Amazing for the Health and Happiness of Older Women

By Kate Gregorevic October 16, 2021

I have a confession to make. Based on the science, for years I have been recommending Tai Chi to my patients without ever doing it myself. To avoid being a hypocrite any longer, I decided to attend my first ever Tai Chi class. The class was a free one set…

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What Is Tai Chi and Why It’s Good for Seniors

By Sandra Roussy October 30, 2020

Tai Chi is not new and has been a go-to exercise regimen for seniors for a very long time. It’s easy enough to learn, is not overly demanding on the muscles and articulations, and can be practiced alone or in a group. Because of its relaxing…

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Should We Reveal Vulnerability and Depression to Our Children and Grandchildren?

By Dr. Margaret Rutherford April 14, 2024

I’d like to talk about a difficult topic, depression – and what we may be teaching our children and grandchildren about revealing vulnerability. Or not teaching them. Lots of people don’t like talking about troubling things…

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Parenting Adult Children Can Be Agony

By Linda Ward April 11, 2024

Remember when you first held your newborn? The love that flooded your heart in that incredibly intense moment is wordless to describe. It washes over you and fills your whole being. That love sustains me as a parent. Love is the guide…

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10 Best Sustainable Footwear Brands for Older Women

By Sandra Roussy April 06, 2024

Are you trying to live an eco-friendly and green lifestyle? Have you made conscious choices to reduce your carbon footprint? Do you recycle, compost, buy less, eat organic or vegan, and buy sustainable clothing? Doing a few or all of these things…

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How to Sow the Seeds of Patience with Your Grandchildren

By Jayne Avery March 13, 2024

Like most three-year olds, patience is something my little granddaughter (J) has very little of. When she comes round to see us, within minutes every toy is out. Within an hour she has painted, pummelled play dough, played shops and been outside on her bike…

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Make Stretching a Part of Your Daily Routine: Your Mature Body Will Thank You!

By Joy Stephenson-Laws February 27, 2024

Do you remember doing calisthenics in your gym class? You might recall the part where you had to try to touch your toes by bending over from a standing position or while sitting on the floor with your legs extended…

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7 Reasons to Choose a Mountain Holiday Over a Beach Break

By Jackie Parsons February 24, 2024

What sort of person are you? Introverted? Sociable? More of a thinker than an extrovert? And do any of those personality traits have any bearing on what sort of holidays you take? Search online and you’ll find multiple quizzes to determine…

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Overcoming Workout Slumps: 3 Strategies for Sustainable Motivation (VIDEO)

By Christine Kirkland February 05, 2024

Finding the motivation to stick to a consistent workout routine can be a challenge. Whether it’s life getting in the way, being sick or injured, or just lacking the energy or motivation, it can be tough to stick to a routine…

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10 Best Sustainable Fashion Brands

By Sandra Roussy February 01, 2024

Fairtrade, ethical, sustainable, green, environmentally-friendly, low carbon footprint. All of these words and phrases, to name a few, have come to fruition in the last few years and made quite an impact on many industries, including the fashion industry…

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