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What You Should Know About Self-Publishing a Book

By Patsy Trench February 18, 2023

Back in 2010 or so, having finally finished my first book (nonfiction about my family history in Australia) and knowing traditional publishers would be unlikely to take it on, I decided to self-publish it…

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The Joy of Self-Publishing in Your 60s and Beyond

By Kathy Arthurson February 02, 2022

Maybe you’ve written some poetry, short stories, or even a memoir. Perhaps you want to share it with a wider audience, or just give copies to family and friends. I’ve just helped a friend self-publish her memoir. It was so exciting to finally see her…

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Isn’t It Time to Tell Your Story? Here Are 6 Ways to Get Started

By Julia Hubbel April 27, 2023

Ready to write a book? You’re not alone. You have a lifetime of ideas, experiences and stories to share. The challenge is where and how to begin. It can be daunting…

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How to Write a Book About Your Family History

By Patsy Trench December 21, 2022

I can’t and don’t intend to tell anyone how to write a book. Every writer goes about their task in a different way, and while rules do exist – readability is key, for a start – they are also there to be broken. I had never written a book before…

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9 Practical Tips on How to Self-Publish a Book for Free

By Donna Davis September 24, 2022

My friend Tom managed to self-publish his book for free. I, unfortunately, did not. In this article, I’ll reveal how he did it as well as how much I spent to arrive at the same destination – published author…

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The Single Thing That You Can Do to Combat Overthinking

By Leslie Moon December 31, 2021

I saw a meme a few months ago that I posted on my Facebook page, and it resonated hugely with my community. It said, “It’s like no one in my family appreciates that I stayed up all night overthinking for them!” We all laughed about it, because for many of us…

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Writing and the Creative Process: Enhancing Creativity After 60, Part 2

By Joan Frances Moran January 30, 2019

In Part One of this blog series, I described three ways in which people over 60 can enhance the creative process. I also referenced my passion for writing. Read More

The 3 Phases of Writing and Publishing Your Own Book in Retirement

By Wendy Van de Poll September 16, 2018

“You ought to write and publish your own book.”

If you have heard this line of encouragement from friends or family, it’s not so far-fetched now that you are retired. You may feel overwhelmed with the process, but with some guidance, you can write the book you always wanted. Read More

How to Self-Publish a Book at Any Age: First, Avoid These 5 Mistakes!

By Debra Englander May 17, 2017

Working with first-time authors to complete and publish their work is incredibly rewarding. Helping people nurture and develop a concept, research a subject or share a personal story is exciting for both the author and me, in my role as coach and book shepherd. Read More

6 Steps to Writing a Memory Book

By Stephanie Raffelock June 18, 2016

For some, writing a memoir is a cathartic experience, where the struggle and triumph of life’s adversity is laid bare. Read More