Andrea Pflaumer, author of the Amazon best-selling book Shopping for the Real You, writes and blogs from her home in Northern California. Her first online course in the Fashion Perfection series is entitled: Discovering Your Inner Style: An Adventure in Dressing Authentically.

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5 years ago

Fashion After 60 Shouldn’t Be Dull! What Colors Do You Wear?

If you follow the annual Pantone Color of the Year announcements, you no doubt heard that the color for 2018 is Ultra Violet. For many, Ultra Violet is not an easy color to wear. You must have a cool and somewhat bright complexion or you will look ghostly wearing it. Read More

5 years ago

3 Lessons for Going the Distance in Life After 60

Since this isn’t one of my blogs about fashion I thought I’d write a nondescript title to see who was paying attention, because, frankly, that’s what going the distance is about: paying attention to how we feel at any one time. Read More

5 years ago

5 Fabulously Fashionable Alternatives to High Heels for Women Over 60

Well, let’s just get one thing right on the table: almost every outfit just looks better with high heels. They lengthen your legs, they make for better visual proportions, and they add an element of chic to anything they’re worn with…

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6 years ago

Fashion After 50: Common Color Mistakes Almost All of Us Make

One of the most important ways to stay visible as we age is by wearing color, especially wearing it near our faces. Read More

6 years ago

Why White is the New Power Color for Older Ladies

In case you hadn’t noticed white is “in” this year. We’ve seen it everywhere from the runway to the Royals. It’s been worn by religious figures to representatives of both sides of the US political arena. It’s been suggested that white is the color of purity and signifies loftiness. This implies that the wearer exists on an elevated plane. Think, Mother Teresa. Read More

6 years ago

Up Close and Personal! Why Women Over 60 Need a Magnifying Mirror

Many years ago a friend recounted that for her still-stylish mother’s 90th birthday she bought her a magnifying mirror. “Because,” she added, “Well, you know…” Frankly, I didn’t know. I do now. Read More

6 years ago

Fashion Over 60 Doesn’t Require You to Wear a Costume

Although older women are becoming more visible in the world of fashion, I fear that we are also becoming somewhat fetishized in the press and on social media. I chalk that up to the enormous popularity of Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style Blog. Read More

6 years ago

Do Men Still See Women Over 60? More Importantly, Do We Still See Ourselves?

Several years ago, while out shopping with a close friend, we had a somewhat disturbing conversation. This friend is about 18 months older than I and, at the time, had just turned 60. Read More