Dee Poquette is the owner of Jackdaw Journeys Tours. Her love affair with Provence began 12 years ago when she attended her first cooking school at Julia Child's home in Plascassier. With her you can experience the authentic world of Provence. Find out more about Dee's tours in Provence, France.

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2 weeks ago

Fleur de Sel: Royalty Among Sea Salts

Have you ever read a French cookbook which required you to use a pinch of Fleur de Sel (pronounced flure-de-SELL) or perhaps, the cookbook requested a “finishing salt”? Up until I discovered Fleur de Sel, or “flower of the sea” as it translates, I never thought…

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1 month ago

It’s Lavender Blooming Season in Provence!

Lavender, the “blue gold” of Provence! Did you know that from the end of June to the end of August, the summer months of Provence are the best time to experience the world of lavender? The fields are in full bloom starting in June and the air is perfumed…

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2 months ago

La Bise: The Secret of French Air Kissing

The famous French term “La Bise,” pronounced “la beez” is defined as an exchange of air kisses on each cheek. This greeting may be practiced on each side of the cheek, one or two times, and sometimes as many as four times per cheek, depending on where…

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3 months ago

French Gardening: Your Topiary Masterpiece Awaits

Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to travel to Versailles and experience its magnificent gardens. If not, I suggest you take a virtual tour of the Topiary Gardens of Versailles and treat yourself. So, what exactly is a Topiary garden and how can you have one?

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4 months ago

Hooray for Le Goûter (RECIPE)

Have you ever seen or heard of the French word “Le Goûter” and wondered, what is it and what does it mean? Well, literally translated, Goûter means, “to taste.” It comes from the French verb Goûter and is pronounced “goo tay.”

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9 months ago

Homemade Marmalade Gift for the Holidays (RECIPE)

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the joy of the season and a welcome escape from the virus is just what we need! This time of year brings thoughts of baking and preserving foods from the garden, or perhaps, making food gifts…

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10 months ago

Love Luxurious Soaps? Why Not Indulge in the Soap of Marseille!

Have you ever experienced the excitement of wandering through a local village market in Provence? If you have, then you know the sheer pleasure of shopping at the stalls that sell French soaps (Vendeur de Savon)…

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11 months ago

How the French Make Entertaining Appear So Simple (RECIPE)

Imagine for just a moment that Covid-19 doesn’t exist. Let’s return to the days when we used to throw dinner parties for friends and family at our homes. Now let’s look forward to the days when we will be hosting dinner parties again…

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1 year ago

Pots De Crème: A European Dessert to Delight (Recipe)

Many believe the French were the inventors of the dessert we know today as Pots de Crème, while others give credit to the English. Let’s look into the history of these tiny cups and you can cast your vote. As members of the British nobility…

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1 year ago

Are You a Pastry Lover? Did You Know the Croissant Is Not Actually French?

You might think you know all there is to know about that pure-butter, crispy, flaky, multi-layer pastry that creates a serious craving on your first morning upon arriving in France. After all, what is more French than breakfast at your favorite…

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