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9 years ago

Yoga for Seniors: Addressing Common Health Concerns as We Age

While it’s true that older adults derive deeper benefits from yoga for seniors the longer they practice, you don’t have to take years of classes to reap all of yoga’s many rewards. Read More

9 years ago

Boomerly Launches to End Loneliness After 50


Boomerly, a new discovery and messaging service that helps older adults to build meaningful friendships with people who share their interests, launched today.

Zug, Switzerland, June 5, 2015 – Sixty and Me, one of the largest online communities of baby boomer women, today announced the public availability of their new online service, Boomerly, at Read More

9 years ago

Active Adult Communities vs. Retirement Homes – Which Option Is Right for Your Lifestyle?

Retirement homes are not what they used to be. In fact, people over 55 now have more options than ever before. This means you don’t have to decide between moving in with your kids and living in a nursing home. And just because you’re getting a little older doesn’t mean you have to give up your active lifestyle, either.

But how do you decide whether active adult communities or retirement homes are the better choice for you? Read More

9 years ago

Wondering What to Do in Retirement? Why Not Start With a Volunteer Vacation?

Retirement is wonderful. You’re able to say goodbye to long commutes, boring meetings and late nights at the office. You have plenty of time to do the things you enjoy. But what if plenty of time is actually too much time? Read More

9 years ago

6 Travel Destinations for Truly Adventurous Baby Boomers

One of the best things about traveling in your 60s is that you have the experience to know what you love and the energy to explore the world on your own terms. For many baby boomers, this means leaving the beach towel at home and looking for something a bit more adventurous.

If this sounds like you, here are a few adventurous travel destinations that will show you unexpected vistas, while introducing you to other people who like to live on the wild side. Read More

9 years ago

4 Senior Travel Programs for Women Who Love to Learn

Learning is a lifelong process and today’s travelers are combining learning with travel as never before. When it comes to senior travel, learning vacations offer opportunities to expand horizons, make new friends and stay mentally and physically fit.  Women can choose from many senior travel programs that include fun, enjoyable learning opportunities. Read More

9 years ago

These 6 Solo Travel Tips Could Save Your Life – Advice for Women Traveling Alone

There was a time when solo travel for women was unheard of. Well, not anymore!

Baby boomer women today are challenging stereotypes and living life on their own terms. They are exploring the world, even if they don’t have someone to travel with. Read More

9 years ago

Road Scholar Develops Educational Adventure Based on New PBS Series Wolf Hall

Most people have expressed at least a passing fascination with the story of England’s King Henry VIII. I remember studying the Tudor history in school and trying to keep track of all of his wives and their collectively tragic fates. Read More

9 years ago

How to Compare Senior Travel Insurance Programs

You may have read that travel insurance isn’t worth the cost. This might be true for younger travelers, but for people our age, senior travel insurance can provide peace of mind and assistance when we need it most. Let’s take a closer look at senior travel insurance coverage and the best ways to compare policies. Read More

9 years ago

6 Essential Tips for Traveling With Grandchildren

If you are lucky enough to have grandkids, then you know how rewarding – and a frustrating – spending time with them can be. At their best, grandkids are a source of constant amusement and inspiration. At their worst, grandkids can turn a family outing into a family feud. Read More