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Could the Benefits of Laughter Include Stronger Friendships?

By Margaret Manning February 05, 2016 Mindset

By now, you’re probably heard that the benefits of laughter include stress relief and an increase in positivity. Laughter therapy is even used in some hospitals to reduce pain. But, did you know that laughter may also be able to help you build stronger relationships? It’s true! Let me explain.

Why Does No-One Teach Us the Basics About Life?

Does it ever feel like most of the things you learned in school were completely useless? I can’t remember the last time that I have had to do calculate the area of a circle in real life! At the same time, most important questions are left completely untouched by our education system.

How does credit work? How should you prepare for an interview? How can you build stronger relationships with your friends and family? I don’t know about you, but, my high school answered exactly none of these questions.

None of my teachers taught me about the benefits of laughter. Quite the opposite! If I was caught giggling in class, I was in big trouble.

The Benefits of Laughter May Include Stronger Relationships

Well, when it comes to building stronger relationships, science may finally be ready to answer some of the questions that our teachers weren’t able to. For example, according to researchers at the University College London in the UK, laughter may be one of the secrets to building trusting relationships.

The study found that when we laugh, our brains release feel-good chemicals, called endorphins, which make us more likely to open up and share personal details about ourselves.

The researchers said that laughter is different than other forms of non-verbal communication in that it “seems to create euphoric states in the performer similar to those experienced in communal music-making, dancing and some of the rituals of religion.” Now that’s powerful!

Humor Can Make “Tough Questions” Softer

In a previous article, I argued that finding intimacy requires us to open up and be willing to ask the “tough questions.” Several people rightly pointed out that relationships shouldn’t be all serious. They argued that asking deep questions sometimes makes people uncomfortable.

Perhaps laughter can act as a bridge between surface level conversations and intimate exchanges. When we ask tough questions in a light-hearted way, we soften their sting and encourage people to open up without threatening them.

I for one am going to give this combo a try. This weekend, I’m planning on going out to a comedy, followed by coffee with a few friends. I can’t wait to see new secrets they share!

Just for Fun, Here is a Girl who Wants to Hug Every Cat in the World

Life doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Sometimes, all we need is 2 minutes of laughter to make us feel happier and more positive. To prove it, here is a video of a girl sharing her love for cats. I hope it gets your endorphins flowing!

Do you agree that laughter is one of the keys to building happy friendships? Why or why not? Have you noticed that people are more trusting after they laugh? Please join the conversation.

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