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Skincare for Older Women: 2 Tips for a Brighter Complexion After 60

By Penelope Jane Whiteley January 09, 2017

Good skin care is always important, and especially so once we reach 50 and beyond. One of the many ways in which you can start caring for yourself is by taking care of your skin. You know it’s the largest organ in the body, right? If you’ve never really taken care of your skin, now is the time to start. Read More

Is a Platonic Relationship After 60 Really So Bad? Maybe Not

By Rebecca Olkowski January 05, 2017

Do you know an older couple whose relationship still has the romantic spark it did when they were younger? They hold hands, cuddle and coo and even kiss each other passionately in public.

Then there are those over the age of 60 whose coupling has evolved into a more platonic relationship. They still like each other, but may sleep in separate bedrooms or even live apart. Read More

Being Wanda: One Woman’s Story of Surviving and Thriving After an HIV Diagnosis

By Sixty and Me August 10, 2016

“When you’re going through menopause, and you’re a seasoned woman, and you’ve been through three really serious relationships and the last one you thought would be forever, and to wake up alone, and… it’s hard. It really took me a long time to get over that depression. You know, I covered it up with super-volunteerism.” – Wanda for Graying of AIDS Read More

After 60, Change Your Dress Style to Reflect the Way You Think and Feel

By Penelope Jane Whiteley July 04, 2016

Dressing in an age appropriate way is something that strikes fear into the heart of many women. We don’t want to look like “Mutton dressed as Lamb.” We don’t want to look like granny. Read More

How to Live to 100 – 11 Practical Tips You Can Apply Today (#2 Will Make You Feel Better!)

By Sarah Brewer May 05, 2016

Do you want to know how to live to 100? Or, do you perhaps want to live to 110 and become a super-centenarian? It may sound unlikely, but, according to the UK Government Actuary’s Department, babies born in just thirty years’ time will have an average life expectancy of 150!  Read More

Solutions for Thinning Hair in Women Over 60 (Video)

By Margaret Manning April 29, 2016

When it comes to hair care for older women, the members of our community face specific challenges. One of the most common of these is thinning hair. Read More

5 Videos to Help You Get More from Your Post-Menopausal Body

By Margaret Manning December 18, 2015

Many women in the community have told me that they are struggling with one or more aspects of their post-menopausal body. Despite the stereotypes, the truth is that many of us experience symptoms traditionally associated with menopause well into our 60s. Even those of us who feel like menopause is “over” still have to deal with a “new normal” when it comes to our hormones. Read More

6 Questions to Help You Find Meaning in Life after Retirement (Video)

By Margaret Manning September 29, 2015

Making the transition to life after retirement is challenging. Beyond the obvious practical considerations of where to live, how to stay healthy and how to pay for everything, we also worry about how to find meaning in our lives.

The 6 secret questions included in this article will help you to reconnect with yourself and build the life that you deserve. Read More

Losing Weight after 60: Get Back in Shape After the Dreaded “Middle Age Spread” (Video)

By Margaret Manning September 10, 2015

By the time we get to be 60-years-old, most of us have a good idea of how our diet and lifestyle affects us. We know how we react to certain foods and many of us have adopted better eating habits.

There is, however, one aspect of our lives that remains a mystery. If we are eating better and even exercising, why do we have so much trouble losing weight after 60? Read More

How Long Will I Live? J.P. Morgan Says “Get Ready for 90”

By Margaret Manning March 24, 2015

As we approach retirement, many of us are asking “how long will I live?” This question has both emotional and practical consequences. On an emotional level, many of us are searching for new meaning in our lives, now that our kids have left the house. On a practical level, we want to know approximately how many years we have left so that we can make sure that we are financially prepared for the decades ahead. Read More