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When Is a “Weak Bladder” Something More?

By Kent Sasse September 30, 2022

For many people, symptoms of incontinence come on gradually. The need to urinate becomes more frequent, a sense of urgency increases, and leakage becomes a regular occurrence. In many cases, people are already making…

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4 Most Common Post Menopause Symptoms and What You Can Do to Control Them

By Julie Dargan September 10, 2022

Life post menopause should not be a time of suffering. Rather, it should be a time of wisdom, freedom, and reflection for self-growth. If you find yourself ill at ease with your menopause journey, addressing food and lifestyle changes, alongside any other…

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How to Improve Bladder Health with Your Diet

By Aleece Fosnight September 03, 2022

Many people assume that improving your bladder starts with just improving your pelvic floor and drinking water. And while those two are extremely important to one’s overall bladder function, there are still many other ways to keep your bladder healthy…

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Ending Ageism Creatively: Exposing Harmful Stereotypes of Older People

By Catherine Stifter June 25, 2022

Can you spot the ageism in this headline for a health article in Best Life magazine?  20 Easy Ways to Look a Decade Younger: From Sunup to Sundown, Here’s a Full-Day’s Worth of Hacks to Make Sure You Always Look Your Absolute Best Meg LaPorte says this kind of fear-based marketing aimed at older adults […]

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Strong Roots for a Strong You

By Cindy Boatman March 16, 2022

I find myself drawn to big and mighty trees whose branches extend wide in all directions. I can sit for long periods of time, staring at their majesty and absorbing their beauty, strength and energy. It feels like communing directly with God…

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Assisted Living for Seniors with Disabilities

By Koob Moua February 17, 2022

We constantly open and close chapters in our lives. From new careers, marrying a life partner, rekindling old or new friendships to finding a new home. Opening up a new life chapter can be scary, exciting, easy, and difficult. For seniors moving away from their long-beloved home into an Assisted Living Facility, the initial thoughts […]

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Pelvic Floor Prolapse: What is it and How Can You Treat it?

By Aleece Fosnight January 23, 2022

As women get older, their risk for developing pelvic floor disorders increases immensely, specifically the disorder known as pelvic organ prolapse, which affects 50% of women in the U.S. This disorder occurs when the pelvic floor muscles…

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My Bladder Sling Failed – Now What?

By Kent Sasse December 24, 2021

Bladder leakage must rank as one of the most frustrating of problems. The gradual worsening and escalation from panty liners to pads to diapers feels like a most unwelcome sign of the body breaking down…

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Lichen Sclerosus: Symptoms and Treatment

By Aleece Fosnight December 21, 2021

Lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder and autoimmune disease which causes thin white patches to develop on the skin. While rare, post-menopausal women are at the highest risk, and the condition typically presents…

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Don’t Believe the Old Adage – Bladder Leakage Isn’t Normal at Any Age

By Kent Sasse December 16, 2021

You are not alone; tens of millions of Americans experience leakage of urine from the bladder or the bowels. It’s a condition that causes frustration and embarrassment, and it can be both unhygienic and even dangerous…

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