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Our Favorite Travel Sites for Women Over 60

By Sixty and Me September 24, 2014

Many women over 60 look forward to traveling, but aren’t sure whether traveling independently is the best option for them. Will it be difficult to meet new people? Stay safe? Stick to a travel budget?

Sometimes the best way to find answers to travel questions is to visit trusted travel websites. Top travel websites offer practical, road-tested travel tips, vacation suggestions and travel health and safety information. Women who want to travel often prefer getting advice from other women who travel in order to plan trips that will be both fulfilling and comfortable. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite travel websites for women over 60: Read More

End of Life Planning Doesn’t Need to be Depressing!

By Margaret Manning September 18, 2014

Women over 60 are enjoying life to the full. So, it’s no surprise that end of life planning is the last thing on our minds. When we do think about death, our concerns tend to be for the family and friends that we would leave behind. Read More

6 Myths about Aging that Hold Women Back

By Margaret Manning August 07, 2014

Myths are stories that create stereotypes. They are only true if we allow them to affect the way we live. This is true of the many myths about aging. If you believe what you see on TV, older people are forgetful, afraid of change, isolated, technophobic and weak. The problem is that these are not harmless perceptions. They may actually cause older women to live up to the expectations that society sets for them. Read More

6 Ridiculous Myths About Women Over 60

By Margaret Manning June 25, 2014

Today, women over 60 are defining and creating a whole new category of bold and fearless individuals with style, energy and ability! Many younger people might be surprised at the reality of life for women over 60 and the depth of their desire to be heard, respected and visible.

I asked women in the Sixty and Me community what they thought was the biggest misconception or stereotype that people have about our age group. They came back fighting with responses that were gutsy and enlightening. Read More

How to Deal with Stress and Find Happiness After 60 (Video)

By Margaret Manning June 11, 2014

Learning how to deal with stress is not a simple matter. After all, stress is different for every woman. Some find it easy to deal with complex problems, but are overwhelmed by tiny annoyances. Others constantly worry about everything, from finances to family. Read More

Fighting the Most Common Myths about Aging (Video)

By Margaret Manning June 04, 2014

Many boomer women are in transition. They are leaving behind full time jobs, family responsibilities, and roles that defined them in the past. They are changing the way that they relate to the world. Read More

Are You a Boomer Woman? Sixty and Me Membership is for You!

By Margaret Manning May 16, 2014

Hello, my name is Margaret Manning. Welcome to Sixty and Me! I’m so excited that you are here, because we have a common goal. We both want to create a new lifestyle – independent, healthy and financially secure. We want to embrace all of the wonderful complexity of six amazing decades of our lives. We […]

Read More

Why I Love My Invisibility Cloak – And Why I’m Taking It Off

By Margaret Manning April 01, 2014

Women, especially older women, often feel invisible. Like many women, I spoke out in the 1960s. I pushed hard to build a career in a “man’s world” and I started the Sixty and Me community to give women over 60 a voice. Read More

Let It Go – Exploring And Escaping the Good Girl Syndrome

By Margaret Manning March 25, 2014

Why is a 60-year-old woman going to see “Frozen”, an animated children’s Disney movie, for the third time? The answer is that this film quite honestly changed my life. Read More

Flexible Jobs for Women Over 60 (Video)

By Margaret Manning March 04, 2014

My guest on this latest episode of the Sixty and Me Show is Nancy Collamer, a blogger for Next Avenue and Forbes and loves helping boomer women to shape profitable and exiting careers in semi-retirement. Read More