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Plus Size Clothing Doesn’t Have to Be Boring! Here’s How to Shake Up Your Routine

By Stephen Hadley February 25, 2017 Beauty

Ever feel like you just wear the same old things, day-in, day-out? It’s easy to get stuck in a fashion rut. And it’s not like local shops offer a good variety of plus size clothing. What can you do if your style has become too routine?

Mix things up! Use these ideas to get inspired and break out of your same old fashion routine.

Clean Out Your Closet

Chances are you’ve already got lots of lovely pieces hidden away in your closet. They’re not gone – just forgotten. Get in there and clean out your closet. Find all the fantastic items you haven’t worn for a while. Make a “keep” pile and a “get rid of” pile. How can you decide as you go through individual garments?


These are the clothing items that make you feel confident. They’re classic pieces that define your signature look. Remember that confidence is always your best accessory. Perhaps you’ve recently made some changes. Or want to redefine some aspects of your personality. Great. But don’t give up on your classic style just yet. Hold onto them in the “keep” pile.

Get Rid Of

Still holding on to tops with colors you love but unflattering cuts that make you feel uncomfortable? It’s time to part with them permanently. What if you find something you love but that seems a little out of your comfort zone? You might wonder, “Why did I ever buy this?” But don’t be too hasty to rid yourself of that impulsive buy. A bold plus size tunic top or jacket might be just what you need to breathe new life into your style.

Plus size tunic top or jacket

Clean out your closet of the items you will never wear. Refresh it by moving some forgotten favorites to where you will see them and remember to wear them again. This is an exercise in simplicity and personal style.

Now – what are you to do with all those “get rid of” items?

Plan a Clothing Exchange Party

Get together with friends for a clothing exchange party. Have everyone bring clothes to donate and trade. You’ll all come away with fresh styles that you might have never chosen in the store. And it’s just a great excuse to get together with friends for a good time.

If you need ideas for different looks, this is a fun way to get exposed to styles you wouldn’t normally try. Invite a wide range of friends with different styles and tastes. Don’t be shy or afraid to choose your guests’ bolder, more dramatic items. After all, you’re looking for a shake up to your old routine. Try on a blouse you never could imagine wearing. Maybe it will look better than you thought!

Add Color and Patterns

Now that you have some fresh ideas, look for new colors and patterns to add to your wardrobe. Have you tried plus size tunics with batik prints? How about a retro-chic plus size top in bold tie dye? Or a hand painted cardigan with a one-of-a-kind print and color combination?

Retro-chic plus size top in bold tie dye

Break the Routine, Keep Your Signature Style

You don’t need to totally revamp your clothing collection. It’s important to maintain your own signature style – those fashionable details that define your personal look. Don’t change your essential style. Just add a few statement pieces and you’ll make a notable, positive update to your everyday attire.

Worried about how you can mix and match these new looks with your current fashions? Keep it simple to start. Put your bolder tops with basic pants and skirts. Combine brighter, eye-catching colors with neutral pieces. Soon you’ll be creating chic outfits that everyone will love.

If you want to try some of our plus size clothes, we are offering a 10% discount for our Sixty and Me sisters in our Etsy Shop.

What do you do to make your outfits sparkle? What items are you having trouble getting rid of? Have you ever had a clothing exchange party? Please share your ideas and experiences with others!

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Stephen Hadley, founder of Generous Fashions, has been exclusively creating plus size clothing for women (XL to 4X) since 2002. He designs fabric and garments for and his Etsy shop, which offers Sixty and Me readers a 10% discount here Sign up for the Generous Fashions newsletter for new arrivals and member discounts.

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