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How to Use the Power of Words to Make You Feel Fabulous at 60 Plus!

By Astrid Longhurst September 27, 2022 Mindset

When was the last time you whispered “sweet somethings” to yourself? How often do you praise and speak happily about the majesty and beauty of YOU? How much is your inner self dialogue loving, supportive, encouraging, compassionate and uplifting? Words shape and mould us. The words we habitually listen to and the words that we habitually speak in our life.

Speak with Intention

Words are powerful beyond measure and are perhaps one of the most magnificent and compelling ways to transform our lives and the lives of those around us. When you speak, with intention and conscious awareness, of what you desire to manifest in your life, your words create energy that flows within you and around you. This energy is an energetic signature of you, a frequency that is broadcast out into the Universe signalling what you want.

The words you use create an imagery within the mind that in turn creates a feeling and a physical response within your body. The old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is misguided. Words have the power to wound and destroy or to heal, delight, encourage and inspire you to move mountains. The pen is indeed far mightier than the sword.

This is especially true when it comes to ageing in a positive, vibrant and healthy way.

Be Pro-Age Rather Than Anti-Age

Unfortunately, most of the words that we hear in regards to ageing are limiting, negative or simply dismissive. For example, the word anti-ageing implies that we are against ageing and that somehow this is something that we need to fight against.

However, growing older is a privilege.

It is a powerful, natural and beautiful part of our journey through this life. Many people never get to experience the gift of old age as their life journey may have ended too early. Indeed, my own father died at the tender age of 35. So, for me, every year that I live is a blessing, and I am deeply grateful that I am still here to see another day.

Re-Framing Old Age Language into New Possibilities

Words are the shapers and architects of our life. Every word conjures up an image in our mind and every image creates a feeling response within our body.

Imagine reading the following in a menu. What would you rather have: Smoked salmon in a delicate lemon and parsley sauce or dead fish? It’s the same thing – only expressed in different ways. One way of describing the meal may inspire you to want to eat it, however the other way, may not.

The impact of this cannot be underestimated on our state of wellbeing and health. The words that you are using to describe your life, body, health and opportunities are significant factors when it comes to ageing positively, happily and in a way which supports who you authentically are.

Change Your Words – Change Your Life!

What would it be like to only use the words that inspire love, harmony, beauty, joy and passion in your life? Instead of criticising your belly for being too fat, too wobbly, too skinny and too old, what if you simply rested your hands on your belly and appreciated it exactly as it is right now? What if you smiled at your wrinkles and thanked them for all the laughter you’ve enjoyed?

The key thing to know is that your body is listening to every single thing you say. Every cell in your body has an intelligence that enables it to “listen” into the environment of your being. One of the greatest and most powerful things you can do is to change how you repeatedly talk about your body and your life.

The Language of Manifestation

Becoming aware of the words that you habitually use to describe your body or your life can move you from feeling disempowered to feeling power-FULL! How you talk about your life is how you are creating the experience that you are having in your life.

For example, we often hear people talk about being in the third act of their life. In a play, the third act always represents that you are coming to the end of the show. Psychologically, it begins to prepare you for some sort of a winding down or a conclusion to a story. This may have a negative impact for some people. However, for me, every stage in our life is the beginning of a new story.

We have released what was and are in the act of creating something new. I may not know what this new chapter will bring but I know that I hold the pen to continually write more of my life story.

And this new story is born anew in every single moment. It flourishes with kindness, it grows with trust, and it is fuelled by our passion and love for who we are. I will never be in the third act of my life, only in the present moment which is eternally unfolding.

Words to Love Your Life By

Use the following reframes as a guide to changing your vocabulary. It may take a little practice to change the kind of things you have been saying; however, the results can be rewarding and enriching. Enjoy!

Old age languageFabulous age language
Old ageTimeless wisdom
Anti-ageingPro more wonderful years
Be youthfulBe YOU
Dress age appropriateDress your authentic style
I am too old to….I am far more than my age
The third act of our lifeThe present moment
Stay youngKeep growing more fabulous
It’s too difficultIt takes a little time
I shouldI could
Look youngerLove being exactly where I am
I can’tI choose not to
If only…Next time…
It’s a problemIt’s an opportunity

Use Words That Make You Shine

As a Life & Body Confidence Coach and Author, one of my greatest passions is to help others to write a new story – one which will delight and fulfil them all the days of their life. I encourage my clients to choose the words that they most want to hear and make them rich in content, creation, charisma and celebration.

The key is to choose words that open you up to vast galaxies full of possibilities and wonder. Select words that are expansive, unlimited, joyous and full of enormous potential and creativity. And make them sincere. Make them congruent with your desires and your intentions.

If your desire is to love your body then speak words of love to your body. If your desire is to be well, healthy and full of vitality then choose the words that embody this. So often, what we desire is left out of everything that we speak about. Instead, we speak about what we don’t want or what is wrong with our life, our body or who we are.

So, the next time someone asks you how you are, instead of saying “fine” or “not too bad” tell them that you are fabulous beyond measure and feeling on top of the world!

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Let’s Have a Conversation:

What words inspire and motivate you? What is the story that you are creating in your 60s and beyond?

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Goodness, every woman should read this article. Very inspiring ! So obvious but we allow external factors to influence us too much. I plan to adopt most if your alternative suggestions.

Astrid Longhurst

Thank you so much Josephine. I am so glad that you enjoyed the article. Thank you for your beautiful words! Warmest wishes, Astrid

Julie Hocking

This is a great article! I HAVE actually rewritten my life story after a bit of a scare a few months back and I now LIVE my life, am feeling absolutely fabulous and on top of the world and don’t give a ff what others think about me, and I am independently independent and loving it!
Have a brilliant day everyone, from jules in Oz 😁 🦋

Astrid Longhurst

Thank you so much Julie. It was wonderful to read how you have rewritten your life story – that’s amazing! Keep loving your life! have a fabulous day! Warmest wishes, Astrid


This is just what I needed today. I’m 65, almost 66 yrs old and lost. My part time job that I wanted to do for as long as I’m physically able ended with Covid. I haven’t worked since. I’m financially ok but I get up in the morning later than I did and just busy myself with mindless housework. My balance isn’t good so I don’t walk the dog as much as I should. My husband is retired along with me, he plays video games and I “surf the net”. My phone has replaced face to face contact. Friends text me, rarely do we speak on the phone these days. Sorry. I sound pretty lame. I’m going to reread the article to cheer myself up again!

Astrid Longhurst

Hi Kathleen, I am so glad you enjoyed reading the article. Thank you for your comments. I am so sorry that your part time job ended. Covid brought with it so many changes. Sometimes it takes a little time to make the changes we want. Be super kind & gentle with yourself. Every day is a new opportunity to bring a little more joy into our lives. Wishing you well. Warmly, Astrid

Wendy Barton

This is absolutely spot on! Thanks for your words of wisdom.

Astrid Longhurst

Hi Wendy, thank you so much for your lovely words. I am so glad that you enjoyed the article! Have a lovely day! Warmest wishes, Astrid

Adora sergio

After getting many things done on my list, I declared to my self at least three times that I Am AWSOME

Astrid Longhurst

Hi Adora – That’s wonderful! Keep being awesome! Have a great day! Warmest wishes, Astrid

The Author

Astrid Longhurst is the Founder of the Institute for Body Confidence Coaching, Author, Energy Fitness & Body Confidence Expert. Astrid’s signature Body Confidence programmes help women to fall in love with their bodies. Her vision is to shape a new global body culture and community of love, health and wellbeing.

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