Fashion for Women Over 60

Fashion for women over 60 is about finding the perfect balance between looking and feeling your best. Let's help each other to find the best dresses, shoes, jeans and more for women our age.

7 years ago

Why White is the New Power Color for Older Ladies

In case you hadn’t noticed white is “in” this year. We’ve seen it everywhere from the runway to the Royals. It’s been worn by religious figures to representatives of both sides of the US political arena. It’s been suggested that white is the color of purity and signifies loftiness. This implies that the wearer exists on an elevated plane. Think, Mother Teresa. Read More

7 years ago

A Short History of the Bikini: A Wave-Making Fashion Hit Turns 70

What once-banned, now ubiquitous female summer poolside and seaside attire is celebrating a 70th birthday this month?

If you answered the bikini, you really are a dedicated follower of fashion. Read More

7 years ago

Up Close and Personal! Why Women Over 60 Need a Magnifying Mirror

Many years ago a friend recounted that for her still-stylish mother’s 90th birthday she bought her a magnifying mirror. “Because,” she added, “Well, you know…” Frankly, I didn’t know. I do now. Read More

7 years ago

After 60, Change Your Dress Style to Reflect the Way You Think and Feel

Dressing in an age appropriate way is something that strikes fear into the heart of many women. We don’t want to look like “Mutton dressed as Lamb.” We don’t want to look like granny. Read More

7 years ago

Why I Love Judi Dench’s New Tattoo

As many women in our community have told me, tattoos are not just for young people on spring break. A great number of older women, including Judi Dench, are choosing to celebrate their past, present and future in beautiful ink. Read More

7 years ago

5 Fashion Trends in Plus Size Clothing for Women Over 60

Stylish, mature women see trends come and go. You follow the ones you love and you patiently wait out the ones you don’t.

There’s a special challenge for plus size women looking for stylish clothes. Fashion trends rarely flatter a curvy figure. Even if there’s a style you love, it can be hard, or even impossible, to find it in your size. This makes feeling comfortable and looking stylish even more difficult. Read More

7 years ago

Does Fashion for Women Over 60 = “Wear Whatever You Want?”

Style can be a hot button issue at any age and this is definitely true when it comes to fashion for women over 60. I’m not sure that I really understood this simple fact until this week, when I posted a few questions to our community Facebook page. Read More

7 years ago

Fashion Over 60 Doesn’t Require You to Wear a Costume

Although older women are becoming more visible in the world of fashion, I fear that we are also becoming somewhat fetishized in the press and on social media. I chalk that up to the enormous popularity of Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style Blog. Read More

7 years ago

Do You Always Wear Sleeves? Fashion Over 60 Community Question

Fashion over 60 is a tricky business. On the one hand, by the time we reach our 60th birthdays, we have (mostly) learned to love and accept our bodies. We also don’t really care what other people think of us, even if we still enjoy fashion, makeup and style. Read More

7 years ago

How Does She Do it? Fashion Over 60 Can Be Fast and Fun!

Do you ever wonder how some women just seem to “get it” when it comes to fashion over 60? How do they seem to always look put together? Read More