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9 years ago

At 60, Reba McEntire Definitely Isn’t Singing “Consider Me Gone” 

It always makes me happy to see people in their 60s, breaking aging stereotypes and living their own way. Well, Reba McEntire, who turns 60 today, definitely fits this description. As one of the most successful music artists of all time, McEntire, “The Queen of Country,” certainly doesn’t need to keep working. Read More

9 years ago

Elton John Turns 68, Keeps Going Like a Rocket

With over 300-million records sold, Elton John, who is 68 today, could be forgiven for retiring from the music scene and “taking it easy.” Well, that’s definitely not his style. In fact, between his live performances, studio efforts and film work, it seems like Elton John is busier than ever. Read More

9 years ago

Tom Hanks Reminds Us that Random Acts of Kindness Matter

When it comes to volunteering and giving to charity, some of us feel like we need to make “big” contributions to make a difference. The truth, as Tom Hanks recently reminded us, is that small acts of kindness often matter the most. Read More

9 years ago

Liam Neeson Prepares for Retirement, Shows His Softer Side

When we asked our community members to vote on this year’s sexiest man over 60, Liam Neeson was in the top 3. There’s something mysterious about Liam. On the outside, he’s an attractive, tough-guy with a voice that could make John McClane from the Die Hard film series shiver. But, below the surface, you get the feeling that Liam is more philosopher than bad guy. It’s an intriguing combination that has kept audiences entranced for decades. Read More

9 years ago

The Sexiest Man Over 60 for 2015 is…

Do women over 60 still care about beauty, sex and romantic love? Do we still dare to use the word “sexy” when describing a man we find attractive? Sixty and Me, a global community of 100,000 women over 60, is ready to set the record straight on both counts, by voting for the sexiest man over 60 for 2015. Read More

9 years ago

I’m a Zoomer… and You Should be Too!

If you look at the way that people in their midlife and older are portrayed in the media, you would be forgiven for thinking that life ends at 60. There are exceptions – usually in comedies designed to show the humorous side of aging – but, for the most part, life after 60 is shown to be a time of turning invisible and aging gracefully. Read More